How to Take Care of Your Leather Bag

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Leather Hanbag with Detachable Shoulder Strap
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Leather Hanbag with Detachable Shoulder Strap

8 Simple Rules

Leather is a natural product. It acquires its own characteristics over the years and each and every marks adds to its unique feature when it is finished and pigmentations are added. That is why each and every leather handbag, leather wallets or purses becomes an unique collection. Treat them right and you can give your leather bag a longer life. 
 Over the years through professional advice from experts and through hands-on experience on a daily basis I have learnt few simple practical rules and here are my 8 simple rules to keep your leather bag fit and fine.

1. Be gentle with your Leather bag: Treat your leather bag with little care, be it your regular bag or the one you use in special occasions.

·         At home rest it at a safe place where it won’t get unwanted scratches. If you hang it from a hook place a cloth at the back to prevent it from regular rubbing on the wall or wood.
·         If you use a pram (1st hand experience again) choose a bag with short handle. Most bags get damaged rubbing it from the wheels. Or choose a bag with long handle to go over the entire frame of the pram and help the main body of the bag to hang in the air. A good option is to choose Across body bags in that case.
·         Take care when you are at the Grocery shop or Supermarket as there are chances of damage from the shopping cart or any spillage from food stuff.
·         When you are out and about always check where you put your bag. Try not to keep it on the dusty or wet floor. A lot of bags will have studs at the bottom to safeguard the base. But still it is better to take little care. A variety of handbag hangers are available in the market now. They are small, easy to carry in your bag, looks nice and affordable as well.

2.  Use it regularly:  Don’t keep your leather bags hidden inside the closet for a long time. It might be your special bag only to be used at special occasions. But try to get it out from the closet time to time and use it for a day or two. It will prevent the leather from becoming rigid. If it has started to show rigidity get it out and use it for 1 or 2 days and you will start to see the changes.  

3. If damp, dry it thoroughly: Leather is extremely susceptible to moulds whether it is waterproof leather or not. So no matter what the seller tells you dry it thoroughly if it gets wet. Leave it at a dry, airy space. Take everything out from the bag and bring the inner lining outside (in most bags the inner lining is only attached on the top and the bottom part is generally not stitched to the bottom of the bag). You might use the hairdryer to dry the inner lining but DO NOT use the hairdryer or the heater to dry the leather.

4.  Keep it clean:  Every now and then clean your bag with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Especially light coloured bags. You can use leather lotion or polishes but always check it on a small place at the base / bottom of the bag first to see if it is causing any distortion of colour or leaving any oily stains. If the bag is badly soiled or you are not sure how to clean it contact the seller or take it to a Leather Specialist.

5. Organise your bag: Allocate specific pockets for make ups and lipsticks to avoid unwanted stains. If possible invest on a good make up bag.

6.  Treat stains with care: We wish that “my favourite leather bag” will never have damage or stains, but in reality it doesn’t happen. We will get stains and damages but they can be treated. If the bag is tanned and pigmented, try wiping the stain with a soft damp cloth (dry the leather thoroughly after cleaning). If this doesn’t work try leather cleaner specifically made for the type of leather you have. If you are not sure how to treat the stain always seek advice.

7. Keeping the shape of the bag while storing: When not using it, to maintain the shape of the bag stuff it with tissue papers or soft cloth or bubble wrap. Always put the shoulder handles inside the bag (if possible) as over the time they might leave marks on the leather if left outside. For detachable handles remove the handle completely and keep it inside.

8.  Storage: If you do not use your bag regularly store the bag in the Fabric Dust bag that has been provided with the bag or any cloth bag. For wallets wrap it with soft cloth (that old t shirt will do the trick). Do not cover with plastic as it doesn’t let the leather to breathe naturally. Store it at a dry and airy space.
Leather Make Up Bag
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Leather Make Up Bag
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