How to Take Care of Your Wallet

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How to Take Care of Your Wallet

A quality leather wallet is an investment. Like any investment, a wallet must be cared for properly. It is important to take good care of a wallet, since it holds important cards, documents, and money. Wallets, especially the expensive leather ones, can stretch or deteriorate, and so they require proper care to ensure that they last for a long time. Also, the structural integrity of a wallet is vital to keeping essential cards and money safe.

There are some best practices for taking good care of a wallet. Most people either don’t know about these best practices or simply don’t follow them on a regular basis. Where a person keeps their wallet determines how much wear and tear the wallet will encounter. Wallets should not be carried in the back pockets of trousers as they tend to get sat on. When a wallet is carried in a handbag, the wallet will need protection from the other contents of the bag, like keys and makeup. Other best practices include regularly cleaning the wallet using the appropriate cleaner, keeping a wallet away from water sources, and only keeping the essentials like money and identification cards in the wallet. If a wallet needs to be replaced, a shopper will find a wide variety of wallets at great prices on eBay..

Where to Keep a Wallet

A good amount of wear and tear on the exterior of a wallet can occur just through daily usage, like removing it from a pocket or a purse to pay for something, show identification, and more.

Trouser Pockets

Traditionally, most men keep their wallet in one of their back pockets. However, this means that most men are constantly sitting on their wallets. Depending on the size of a wallet, this can cause trouser pockets to stretch and the constant friction will wear down the leather and seams. Other men resort to carrying smaller and thinner wallets that they can keep in the front pocket of their pants. By switching from the back pockets to the front pockets, the wallet is not subjected to the friction and pressure that comes with being sat on all day. A thinner wallet that is stowed in the front trouser pocket will last longer than a fat wallet stuffed into the back pocket.

Women’s Handbags and Purses

Many women carry their wallets in their handbags or purses. While this keeps a woman’s wallet protected against the outside world, it doesn’t keep the wallet protected against the internal contents of a purse. The contents of a handbag can include car keys, sunglasses, makeup, and more. These items can either rub or scratch the surface of a wallet in the case of car keys, or spill and damage the wallet, in the case of liquid makeup or perfume. A women should consider purchasing a wallet that fits inside a pocket in her purse. This separates and protects the wallet from the other contents of the handbag.

What to Keep in a Wallet

A wallet is home to important financial transaction cards like credit and debit cards, cash, including coins, and a variety of bits and pieces, like slips of paper, receipts, business cards, loyalty cards, not to mention the occasional sweet or stick of chewing gum. One of the most important things to consider is what really needs to be kept inside a wallet. Those who keep large amounts of cash, too many cheque cards or credits cards, extra or unnecessary business cards, find that their wallets stretch and bulge over time. Overstuffing a wallet can damage the seams, causing them to eventually tear. The result is the whole wallet falls to pieces. The best method for preventing this type of damage is for a person to carry only essential items in his or her wallet. A person should only carry one form of identification, one credit card, an Oyster card, and just enough cash for incidentals like coffee, magazines, and snack purchases. By keeping the wallet’s contents to a minimum, the wallet will remain close to its original form and the seams will stay intact for longer.

Problems with Moisture and Dryness

Another problem that many wallet owners encounter, especially with respect to leather wallets, is when a leather wallet is exposed to water or when the leather dries out and cracks. People who live in hot and dry climates can find their wallets become dry and brittle over time. They can even start to develop deep cracks.

To prevent a leather wallet from drying out, one should apply leather conditioner on a semi-regular basis. This product reintroduce a protective layer to the wallet as well as natural moisture into the leather. This keeps the leather wallet from cracking or tearing.

For wallets that accidentally get exposed to liquids, it is important to dry them out properly so as to limit the damage. Drying the leather too quickly can cause it to wrinkle and shrink. If a wallet does encounter liquid, it is best to pat it dry with a cloth and then allow it to dry at room temperature with a fan or breeze of some kind. Don’t use direct heat or a blow dryer as these heat sources can cause permanent damage.

Cleaning a Wallet

Most people don’t think about cleaning their wallets, but leather requires regular upkeep to keep it in the best shape possible. Cleaning a wallet also gives owners an opportunity to apply protective creams and polishes. This restores a wallet to its original appearance and prevents further damage in the future. There are a few important steps follow when to cleaning a wallet.

How to Clean a Wallet

Prepare a wallet for cleaning by emptying it completely of any and all contents. Cards, identification, and cash are certain to get damaged or ruined during the cleaning process, so it’s best to separate all contents and put them aside before beginning the cleaning process.

Some experts say not to use any cleaners on a leather wallet, as they are harsh and can damage the leather. Others recommend using a very weak mixture of vinegar and water, or gentle soap and water mixtures. Still others say that a wallet can be cleaned using just warm water. This choice depends on the preferences of an individual, how soiled the wallet is, and what is available at the time. Use the choice of cleaning mix with a soft towel. Get the towel damp and wipe down the wallet in all of its cracks and seams. Then dry the wallet with a dry towel.

Leather cleaner is available for sale, and should be used to softly and carefully to scrub the leather of the wallet. One should not scrub too hard or for too long as this can damage the seams and folds. The wallet should be allowed to dry before applying the leather conditioner.

Apply the leather conditioner and rub it into the wallet in a circular motion. This process rejuvenates older leather and makes it soft and more pliable.

Leave the wallet the way it usually sits and allow the wallet to dry completely. It is best to leave the wallet overnight to ensure this. Once dry, place the contents of the wallet back inside, and enjoy a newly refurbished wallet.

How to Find Wallets on eBay

There is a wide variety of wallets for both men and women available for sale on the eBay website. There is a search bar on the eBay home page and on every page on the site. To search the site for the wallets currently listed for sale, simply enter some descriptive keywords. For instance, your search phrase can be very specific like this one: ‘men’s black leather bifold wallet’. Use a more generic search phrase like ‘womens wallets’ if you wish to browse a wide variety of wallets for women. You are able to sort the results by specifying search criteria like brand, material, condition, price, style, colours, features, and more. You also have the option of sorting the results by specifying the condition of the wallet, or your budget. If would like to see listings for wallets only listed by top-sellers, simply select this option on the results page. A top-seller refers to a seller who has a long and positive history on eBay. Top-sellers enjoy the highest feedback ratings. To participate in an auction or buy the wallet at the list price, you will need to register as an eBay member. The registration process is simple and free. 


Leather is the most popular material used to make wallets, and when it is taken care of properly, it can last for many decades. Wallets that are cared for properly and with intention will benefit their owners time and time again. For men, keeping a wallet in their front pocket can prevent rubbing and pressure on their wallets, and this minimises wear and tear. Women who keep their wallets in their purses should try to keep it inside a pocket to prevent damage caused by the other contents of the purse. Overstuffing a wallet is one of the easiest ways to stretch and ruin it, so keeping only the most essential items inside it will keep it in its original form. In caring for a wallet, it is important to dry a wallet properly if it accidentally comes into contact with water. One should also use leather conditioners regularly, especially if the wallet is being carried in hot, dry climates. For those who need to start over with a new wallet, shoppers will find a range of wallets for both men and women on eBay.

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