How to Take Your Dress From Day to Night

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How to Take Your Dress From Day to Night

Taking a dress from day to night is easier than it sounds. The inclusion of a few basic accessories can produce some fantastic ensembles without the need to buy a complete, off the peg outfit for evening wear. Dressing up a day dress makes it a suitable garment to wear at an evening event, party, celebration, or on a night out with friends. This guide informs readers about the types of accessories that can be used to take a dress from day to night, and suggests ideas for using them. Also included are a number of common mistakes to avoid, such as using patterned accessories with a heavily patterned dress. Clothing stores, haberdashery shops and shoe shops sell a variety of accessories that can help you to take your dress from day to night. eBay also allows shoppers to find all of their clothing and accessories in one place at great prices.

Day to Night Accessories

The key to taking a dress from day to night successfully is to choose the right accessories. While the dress is the most important part of the outfit, the accessories that you choose determine whether the dress is suitable for day wear or evening wear. With the correct accessories, a casual dress worn during the day or a semi-formal affair worn at the office, can be transformed into a elegant evening dress for a special occasion, or an outfit suitable for a night on the tiles. Accessories range from shawls to jewellery, shoes, and bags.

Add a Shawl

Adding a delicate evening shawl can transform a day dress into evening wear immediately. A shawl that works well with the dress, either in a matching or contrasting colour, provides a touch of style and lifts the outfit. The shawl should be lightweight, and many women choose one that has a little sparkle in the form of metallic thread woven through the fabric, or one that is embellished with glitter or rhinestones.

Wear a Necklace

Wearing a bold necklace attracts the eye and enhances the appearance of deep necklines, such as those in V-neck or scoop neck dresses. The addition of a large, long, bold necklace also creates an impression of a longer neck. If the neck of the dress is high, a small, elegant, chain can be worn, with a dainty, delicate pendant. This creates a simple, understated look, which is still graceful and well suited to a formal or casual evening event, such as an office party or a networking event. Alternatively, if the dress is both high-necked and plain, wearers can accessorise by adding a necklace made of large beads, or a pendant consisting of gemstones or intricate metal work, which sits over the front of the dress, creating a focal point, and making a bold statement.

Add Suitable Shoes

The shoes that a wearer chooses alters the look of the dress completely. For a stylish, sexy look, add a pair of daring stilettos. This type of highly-stylised heel lifts any day dress, turning it into an alluring, sophisticated piece of evening wear. A simple, plain dress, such as the classic little black dress, can be enhanced for a night out by adding a splash of colour and glitz in the form of brightly coloured killer heels or a more understated court shoe with a few sparkly embellishments. Strappy sandals are another stylish option when combined with the right dress. Coordinate gold or silver sandals with a matching bag or belt for a more glamorous look.

Choose a Bag

When accessorising a dress, the bag needs to be suitably glamorous, while practical at the same time. Many women choose a small bag, such as a sequin clutch, to add a touch of sparkle to a plain dress. Brightly coloured bags also work wonders to take a dress from day to night. The bag needs to be large enough to fit all of the essentials, such as money, mobile phone, and any other bits and pieces necessary for a night out, but not so large that it looks cumbersome with the dress. A gigantic tote may work for day time, but consider a more compact bag with a touch of colour or sparkle to take the dress from day to night.

Choose a Belt

A belt is a very simple, but effective way to lift a day dress to evening wear. With a fitted dress, wearers should choose a thin, narrow belt, and with a loose fitting dress, a wide belt or a waspie belt creates a better look. For a plain dress, consider using brightly coloured or patterned belts, and for a colourful or patterned dress, a plain belt in muted tones is the best choice. A belt can be a useful accessory, but it needs to be chosen carefully. A heavily patterned belt on a heavily patterned dress clashes horribly, and can spoil the entire outfit.

Use a Scarf to Make a Statement

A chiffon or silk scarf tied loosely around the neck helps to adorn a day dress. A simple knot, or an elaborate bow makes an impressive statement, as well as creating the illusion of a longer neck. Choose the right kind of design: plain, boldly printed, brightly coloured or a muted tone, to match the dress.

Use Tights to Lift a Dress

Coloured tights are an easy way to enliven a dress and turn it into a piece of spectacular evening wear. A plain, dark dress can be enhanced with the use of a pair of vibrant tights. If the dress has any accent colours in it, such as a black dress with a red pinstripe, then wearers should consider adding a pair of red tights to bring out the colour in the dress. Patterned tights are a good option to provide texture to an otherwise plain outfit.

Use a Floral Accessory

A corsage is a large, bright flower, which is generally pinned to the shoulder, but can also be worn around the wrist. These flowers can help to transform any dress into exquisite evening wear. Artificial flowers are a great way to add just a dash of colour, without going over the top. Corsages are also available as hair accessories, usually held in place by hair clips.

Add a Brooch for a Touch of Class

Vintage and retro brooches are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of class and sophistication to any dress and take it smoothly from day to night. They are available in many shapes and styles from intricate jewelled pieces that blend in with the style of the dress, to eye-catching designs that will attract an admiring audience. They can be worn on the shoulder, or can be used to pin a shawl or belt.

Use Colour

Do not be afraid to use colour to turn a regular day time outfit into a spectacular night time ensemble. Bright, colourful accessories can enhance an otherwise plain dress. Just remember to avoid colours which clash dramatically, as this can prove disastrous. Usually, just a splash of the right colour does the trick. When every accessory is neon orange, pink, or green, the dress is lost amongst the mass of colour, and wearer may look like she got dressed in the dark. Avoid multiple patterned items, as this can be overwhelming to the eye. A patterned dress is more suited to understated accessories.

Buying Accessories on eBay

Accessories to take your dress from day to night can be purchased from department stores and clothing shops, as well as online from auction sites such as eBay, where shoppers are able to buy both new and used items. When purchasing a used item, read the description and look at the photos carefully, to identify any marks or problems.

When choosing a seller on eBay, buyers should look at their feedback closely. Feedback is left for sellers once the transaction has been completed, so it is a good indication of whether the transaction is likely to be smooth. Feedback can be positive, negative, or neutral, depending how previous buyers found their overall experience with the seller.

Clothing and accessories can be found on eBay by searching from the eBay homepage. The number of results can be narrowed down by choosing one of the corresponding categories.


A simple black dress worn to the office can be transformed easily into a stunningly beautiful evening dress, with just a few basic accessories. Getting it wrong can be a complete fashion disaster, so accessories should be chosen carefully to match the dress. In addition to matching the dress, buyers should choose accessories based on their own personal taste and personality. An elegant evening ensemble can be created using simple, understated accessories, such as a chiffon or silk shawl, a narrow belt in muted tones, or a delicate chain with a small pendant. Colour plays an important role in correctly accessorising a dress, so for those with a more vivacious personality, bold colourful items can create a fabulously unique, yet tasteful and fashionable style. This look can be enhanced further with hair accessories, corsages or bright, coordinated shoes. Using this guide, readers should be able to put together their ideal evening wear outfit, accessorising a regular day wear dress, whilst avoiding any fashion disasters. All the items required to turn a day dress into dazzling evening wear can be purchased on eBay, where there are some great bargains to be found.

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