How to Talk Longer by Buying Long Life, High Capacity Phone Batteries

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How to Talk Longer by Buying Long Life, High Capacity Phone Batteries

All phones has one drawback in common. They have limited battery life. Applications, software, and taking calls all drain the battery. It's essential to get a good battery with a long lifespan. There are a number of high capacity long life phone batteries on the market. Read through this buying guide to find out more about these batteries, their advantages, and how to choose them. Using this knowledge, make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of Batteries

Mobile phones all run on different models of battery. They hold a charge they gained from the mains electricity supply, and the charger acts as the middle man between these two entities. Batteries only last for a limited period of time because the chemical reactions inside, which create power, must have a charge to function. A battery has a limited lifespan. It steadily loses its ability to hold a charge over time. Each time it's charged it slowly loses a smidgen of its capacity. Other things will also drain a battery. Running applications, making calls, sending messages, and Bluetooth require power; power which must come from the battery. To see its effects in action, use a mobile phone in day-to-day life and see how long it lasts. Now leave a phone on the table doing nothing until it loses its charge. The latter action will always make the phone last longer. High capacity batteries rarely come as standard with a mobile phone. They're more expensive and have a number of differences which allow them to power mobile phones for a greater period of time.

The Importance of More Talk Time

Society in the 21st century prizes communication. It's why there are so many devices which allow people to keep in touch with each other. More talk time enables people to stay in touch with the important people in their lives. It's especially vital for children and families. Worried parents might need to talk to their offspring urgently, and vice-versa. Commercial environments also demand the same level of communication. The business world never stops, and being able to get in touch can mean the difference between making a profit and posting a loss. A high capacity battery can become a crucial part of life. Its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages associated with having to fork out more money.

The Advantages of High Capacity Batteries

High capacity batteries are becoming increasingly more popular. And they're becoming more popular across all sections of society. Here are just some of the main benefits of plugging in a battery with a longer life expectancy.

More Talk Time

Obviously, a high capacity battery offers added talk time. It depends on the battery, but a battery with more stamina can add hours onto the amount of talk time. This is ideal for people who need to keep in touch as often as possible. It's also perfect for travelling through more rural areas where there's nowhere to charge an ailing mobile. It doesn't need an emergency charge, so it's safe to just leave it on a lower brightness setting for a while.

Additional Flexibility

Having more charge increases the number of options available. With a high capacity mobile phone battery, there's no need to worry about spending lots of time on a favourite application or program. It's an issue which plagues many phones as they tend to store applications on a low power setting in the background, which still reduces the amount of available power. High capacity batteries make these worries a thing of the past.

No Need to Replace

One of the problems with mobile phone batteries is they have a limited number of charges. Most phone battery manufacturers create devices which only have about 300-500 charges inside of it. Over time, the lifespan of the battery before it needs charging again decreases. A high capacity battery performs the same function, but it's more powerful. To think about it simply, if a regular battery has two cells, a high capacity battery has four. It takes longer to decline. Sooner or later, it will have the same capacity as a standard battery, but it means there's no need to replace it for a long time. This saves money and removes the need to constantly replace weaker mobile phone batteries.

Main Attributes of a High Capacity Battery

To sum up the previous section, these are the main attributes of a high capacity battery.





High Capacity Battery

A high capacity battery doesn't restrict phone usage. There are no power concerns.

A high capacity battery has a longer lifespan before it needs replacing, due to extra cells.

They last longer before they need recharging.

High capacity batteries are always more expensive than standard batteries. The exact price depends on the model.

Battery Life and Death

Most modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries. As stated in the name, they use lithium ions to charge the phone. It's a reversible reaction, which means the chemical reaction goes in the opposite direction when it's plugged into a mobile phone charger. High capacity lithium-ion batteries still decline over time. It's important to take into account the different ways in which one of these batteries can decay.

Deep and Partial Charge

Manufacturers recommend allowing standard mobile phone batteries to completely discharge before plugging them back in. This preserves the number of available charges before the battery starts to die. Lithium-ion high capacity batteries prefer charging after just a partial charge. This makes sure the reversible chemical reaction doesn't run out of the base resources it needs to keep going. When a lithium-ion battery dies, it's because the crucial chemicals inside the battery have been used. A partial charge preserves these chemicals and allows more talk time, in the long-term.

Fading with Age

High capacity lithium-ion batteries fade with age. They last for between two and three years before they need replacing. This is why it's unwise to stock up on discount battery packs for the future. By the time a few years has past, the rest of the batteries will have stopped holding their charge. Manufacturers always place a use-before date on the package. Inspect this and take heed of it. Use it right now, even if it means passing up on stocking up on lots of discounted high capacity batteries.

Heat Degradation

One way to cancel out the longer talk time available with a high capacity battery is to expose it to heat. These batteries naturally have more power inside of them. Leaving them in direct sunlight can cause them to heat up beyond their normal limits. Once they heat up, they can explode and cause a fire. It's rare for such events to occur, but heat degradation is normal and often happens without the owner's knowledge.

Buying a High Capacity Mobile Phone Battery on eBay

The eBay store includes a range of high capacity mobile phone batteries from all the top manufacturers. To get to the batteries section on eBay, start on the homepage. Look to the left and hover over the heading Electronics & Technology.. Another menu should appear. Click the category Mobile Phones & Communication to go to the eBay mobile phones store. In this store, there's everything to do with mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. On the left, there's another menu consisting of all the main categories in the eBay mobile phone store.

Click All Categories and it will bring up a window consisting of every category in the store. Find Batteries and click on it. Now, this will feature every mobile phone battery currently being sold in the eBay store. High capacity batteries don't have a category geared towards them. To narrow down the search results, choose a desired model of phone. For example, selectFor HTC to see the batteries compatible with HTC phones. Alternatively, use the bar above the search results to get even more accurate results. On eBay, there are two ways to buy a high capacity mobile phone battery. The first way is the classic auction system. There's one product and buyers must constantly bid against each other. The winner is the person willing to pay most. The Buy It Now sale contains multiple products with a fixed price.


High capacity mobile phone chargers come in handy for extending the amount of available talk time. There are batteries compatible with all the major brands. The eBay store has the latest batteries in stock, and they're going at discount prices from reputable buyers. Use this buying guide first to make a smart buying decision.

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