How to Test Male Fertility

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Testing Male Fertility with Fertility Score

Testing male fertility is easy with FertilityScore Home Testing Kit.  FertilityScore measures the sperm count and motility of the semen and, unlike other fertility tests, it analyses the whole ejaculate and only reports positive results when 20 million motile spermatozoa per millilitre are measured.  Because of this, the results are more accurate and precise.

To better understand the effectiveness of FertilityScore, take the following example: Clinical studies using FertilityScore show that for semen samples containing 20 million or more motile sperm per millilitre, the positive predictive power of the test is at 93%.  For samples containing 10 million motile sperm or less, a 90% negative predictive power was shown.

FertilityScore works by analysing the effects that metabolically active sperm have on a Resazurin based dye.  If the sperm are active, the dye will change from dark blue to pink.  This positive result indicates an 86-93% chance that the tested sperm has normal activity and a strong fertility potential.  Although an important part of fertility, healthy, active sperm do not guarantee pregnancy because many conditions, from males to females, must also be met.

If the dye did not change to pink and your normal result is negative, there is an 86-90% chance that your sperm activity is below normal.  Although this indicates that pregnancy is less likely to occur, it does not mean that it is impossible.  You should consult a physician after receiving negative results in order to conduct a more precise sperm analysis to pinpoint the exact problems.  Using FertilityScore is one of the easiest ways to detect potential sperm abnormalities that might be prolonging your dream of becoming parents.

To learn more about fertility testing with FertilityScore, contact RDO Medical.
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