How to Tie A Tie-down or Sports Du-rag

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Welcome to the guide of  How to Tie A Tie-down or Sports Du-rag
by  KayCees.Trading

After receiving questions on this topic this guide is to help explain the method to tie down a du-rag. It is understandable that some people are not accustomed to the method. A du-rag is used as a fashion item for style or as a protector of the hair it is a very popular Hiphop item. A  tie down du-rag is ususally made from polyester (nylon) and has much longer tie strings than cotton du-rags known as  zandanas or pirate cap. Tying your du-rag incorrectly can result in it either falling off at times or creating a lot of discomfort and pain.

To give some  guidance on this topic here are 6 steps that will get you on the way to wearing your du-rag correctly and comfortably.

Step 1) Ensure that your hair will not be in the way. If your style of hair is short length or flat corn rolls there will no problem tying the du-rag. If you have long hair you will need to comb it down so it will be flat. With medium to big style Afro hair the pressing of hair is needed.

Step 2) Place the du-rag over your head or doo like a hood. The line in the middle of the du-rag should be centred on your forehead. The strings should hang downwards one on each side and the flap at the back of your neck.

Step 3) Once placed on head hold the strings firmly, one in each hand and bring to the back of your head passing behind your ears. (Not on top of ears as this will result in pain after the du-rag is tightened.)

Step 4) At the back of the head cross the strings over by swapping hands making a small 'X' holding the strings firmly pull the strings outwards to gain firm hold on the head but not to tight and now bring to the front. (Please do not tie knot during this stage.)

Step 5) When at the front of the head make like a an 'X' shape by crossing the strings and switching hands, before bringing them back again.

Step 6) At the back of your head you will need to tie a knot or a bow. To straighten du-rag pull the flap which will tighten the fit. Before finishing the knot hold with one hand and  feel that the du-rag isn't too tight by pulling the flap and maybe loosening the strings by inserting a finger behind the string. 

Now you can wear your du-rag when it fits you, under a hat or cap, on its own,  for maintaining your hair doo, during sports and even when you sleep. 

*For a neat look tie du-rag while in front of the mirror and while tying the strings do them in line with each other. 
*Also the flap can be tucked in to the string at the back by tucking the bottom of the flap behind all the layers of string at the back of the head and rolling inwards which will conceal the knot and long flap. 


Du-rags made from Cotton or Polyester are both available in my store in the  Head Wraps and Bandanas section.
Fitted and  Snapback caps and other hats are also available.

Thanks for reading 

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