How to Transport a Boat

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Your happiness of getting a great deal on a boat sale can sometime be tarnished when you realize how difficult it can be so safely and securely ship such a large item.Although it is tempting to sign up for the cheapest transportation option,spending a little time making sure your boat will be in safe hands is a worthwhile investment. When selecting a carrier to transport a boat, keep in mind that asking about their level of experience,licensing, and insurance is just as important as their pricing.

Tips on How to transport a boat

* Be sure to measure your boat's overall length, width and breadth accurately as there may be regulations in place relating to the size, and so that you will be able to give the most accurate dimentions to your carrier.
* Drain any fuel or water from all tanks.
* Secure any loose boat gear or remove it in order to prevent damage
to your boat due to road vibration. Be sure the deck is clear and
there is nothing that can come loose and damage the interior.
* Disconnect batteries and tie or tape together any electronic
cables, which should also be secured.
* Removable radios, radar systems, etc. can be removed, packed
securely and shipped separately or securely stored below.
* Lock all interior doors and check that lockers are securely locked
or fastened. Also consider securing hatches with tape.
* Remove all items that protrude from the boat such as propellers,
antennas, lights, flags, etc., and secure below deck or ship
* Canvas covers should not be used while shipping a boat and also,
be sure to check with your transport provider regarding the use of
commercial plastic wrap.

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