How to Turn Your Favourite Text into a Sewing Project

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How to Turn Your Favourite Text into a Sewing Project

Whether you love an uplifting quote, a deep and meaningful quote from an ancient Greek philosopher, or a humorous quote from a movie, immortalising that text in the form of a sewing project is rewarding and fulfilling. Turning your favourite text into a sewing project provides a unique and distinctive decorative touch for your wall, canvas shopping bag, or shirt. With a few basic supplies and a set of straightforward instructions, you can easily turn your favourite text into a sewing project.


Planning Your Sewing Project

The easiest sewing project is likely cross stitch, as you can plan your entire project carefully and follow a simple pattern. Firstly, decide on the quote you want and the size of the embroidery. Secondly, use graph paper to plot your pattern, or run your text through a cross stitch computer program, such as PCStitch, to get a printed pattern.


Gathering Supplies for Your Sewing Project

Once your pattern is the correct size, choose your aida fabric size. The larger the stitch count, the smaller the holes, and the smaller the number of stitches per inch. Even-weave aida requires very fine stitches but provides detail-rich work; 18-count aida is slightly larger at 18 stitches per inch; 16-count or 14-count aida is a good choice for beginners or those looking for a quick project. Count the number of stitches at the widest and tallest portions of your pattern to help you gauge how big your aida needs to be. Leave at least two inches of fabric as a border. Select your threads, making sure to use skeins of the same brand for the best results. Use a gold-plated cross stitch needle or embroidery needle for smooth, even stitches.

Executing Your Sewing Project

Find the middle of your fabric and your pattern as your starting point. You can choose to work free or in an embroidery hoop or frame. For a clean finish, make sure you execute every stitch in the same way. For example, start every underlying stitch at the bottom left, going to the top right, then every overlying stitch running from the top left to the bottom right.


Finishing Your Sewing Project

Once the sewing is complete, you need to finish off your project. For an interesting look, go out an inch, or ten squares from the edge of your pattern, and stitch a cross stitch border all around. Then cut the excess aida within ten squares of the border, and fray the aida to within one square of the border, pulling out the loose strands of aida to leave a fringe. Iron the piece flat, then back it on felt or stitch it onto your favourite canvas or cotton bag.

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