How to Understand a Pressure Calibrator

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How to Understand a Pressure Calibrator

As many other types of measuring tools, pressure gauges tend to wear over time, which results in a decrease in their accuracy. To avoid having to purchase a new pressure gauge, consider calibrating it. A pressure calibrator will restore your pressure gauge to the original performance levels. Learning more about what a pressure calibrator is and how to use it can help you achieve the best possible results every time.


What is a Pressure Calibrator?

The main function of a pressure calibrator is to calibrate various electronic devices that use pressure gauges. This device measures the pressure applied to a specific connection and recalibrates on as needed basis. Most models come with a digital display that allows you to check the current pressure and verify whether the calibration has been successful. A pressure calibrator often comes with a pressure sensor input that helps you install the appropriate filter.


Tips for Using a Pressure Calibrator

Different types of pressure calibrators may require different approaches, but for the most part, you can use them by following the same simple steps. The first thing to do is release the pressure on your selected device and drain the process line prior to connecting the pressure calibrator. Next, connect the calibrator to the pressure transmitter and make sure it is set to the desired position. Create a vacuum by turning the switch to apply pressure. Evacuate the pressure by turning the switch in the opposite direction and press the button to reset the pressure measurement. Most pressure calibrators come with a fine adjustment button, which you can use to apply changes in the vacuum or pressure. This is the actual calibration. Release the pressure in the circuit prior to disconnecting the pressure calibrator.


Types of Pressure Calibrators

You can find several types of pressure calibrators on the market. Choose one according to the type of calibration you need to complete as well as your budget. Another thing to take into account when shopping for pressure calibrators is its versatility. Think about whether you want to calibrate different types of pressure gauges and choose a device that would work on all of them. A popular choice for a pressure calibrator is the Fluke 718 pressure calibrator. It can calibrate almost any type of pressure service. The Fluke 718 comes with an integrated pump and with a switch test feature that allows for more accurate and quicker pressure testing. All Fluke testers come with a protective yellow holster. Another option for a pressure calibrator is the CA700 pressure calibrator, which has a basic accuracy of 0.01 per cent when it comes to reading on pressure measurement. This device comes with a dust and waterproof case and with selectable high-performance hand pumps.

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