How to Unlock iPod Volume Limit

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Does a pesky iPod volume limit have you in a bind, because you like your music to encumber your ears with waves of volume extremity? If you know the password, this isn't for you, but when you're at the end of the rope with no other option, here's a simple fix.

1. Open your iPod updater. (normally somewhere like: Start > Programs > iPod > iPod Updater). If you do not have the iPod updater, you can follow the link provided for the newest release of iTunes and iPod Updater.

2. Reset/erase all data on the iPod by choosing the Restore option.

3. Plug the iPod back into the USB adapter after it has completely restored/erased.

4. Open iTunes.

5. Let your iPod update to old status.

This is convenient because your iTunes will stay the same, and the next time you plug your iPod in, even after a wipe-out, it will just update itself to what it used to be.

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