How to Use Car Wash Products

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How to Use Car Wash Products

Cleaning your car at home is good for the budget, and it allows you to do the job yourself. You can find easy to use car wash products and even car wash kits to make the job easier. However, it is important to use car wash products properly to ensure you have a sparkling clean vehicle to enjoy driving.


Choosing Car Washing Tools and Products

Professionals in any business consider having the right tools essential, and this is especially true for washing your car. Start with a few car wash brushes for cleaning the roof, wheels, and tyres. You need two wash buckets, water from the hose, car cleaner, a soft sponge or car wash mitt, and a chamois or clean soft towels for drying.


Using Car Shampoos

Dishwashing soap is super in the kitchen but is too harsh and may damage the finish on your car. Use a good car shampoo and two buckets. Fill both buckets with water and add car shampoo to one of the buckets. Keep the second bucket for rinsing your sponge or mitt. Rinse the car well with the hose and be sure to leave the car very wet. Dip the longest brush into the shampoo and clean the top of the roof and any places that are gritty with the brush. Once you clean all over with the soft brushes, use the mitt dipped in the shampoo to go over all areas of the vehicle. Rinse the mitt and brushes in the clean water each time you move to a new area. When finished, be sure to dry the car completely to prevent streaks.


Using Wheel and Tyre Cleaners and Dressings

Use a brush to clean the wheels of grit and grime, and then run a brush over the tyres. Dip the brush into the shampoo often to remove any grit before continuing. Once the wheels and tyres appear clean, go over them again with the sponge or mitt before rinsing. Rinse thoroughly. Once you wash and dry the entire car, use wheel shine and a tyre dressing on your tyres and wheels. A good car wash system is a great place to get and keep all the products you need for a professional looking job.


Using Waterless Car Cleaning Kits

When you cannot use water, you can use a waterless car wash kit instead. The kits provide all the products you need to clean the body, wheels, tyres, windows, and the interior when you are unable to use a hose or there are water restrictions. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using waterless car cleaning kits.

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