How to Use Curling Tongs

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How to Use Curling Tongs

Curling tongs vary in sizes to achieve certain types of curls. Also, the material of which curling tongs are made of determines how well it works in terms of spreading heat evenly, locking in moisture, and protecting hair from frizziness. It is advisable for buyers to purchase curling tongs that feature variable heat settings to curl all hair types without doing damage.

With the curling tongs, users can achieve a number of curls, but each curl style requires a specific process, and certain hair products are useful in achieving the look one wants. Knowing how to use curling tongs allows users to maximise the beauty tool and also gives first-time buyers perspective on which variety of curling tongs they should buy.

1. Buy the Right Curling Tongs

Users should choose curling tongs based on the style of curls they want to achieve. For ringlets or smaller and tighter curls, 0.75-inch or one-inch thick curling tongs are the best option. For loose curls or 'beachy' waves, users need to get larger-barreled curling tongs.

Chrome is a very common material, and although chrome curling tongs do the job, they do not always heat up evenly. Gold and titanium curling tongs heat up relatively better but have no frizz protection feature. Ceramic and tourmaline curling tongs are of top calibre: ceramic curling tongs spread heat through the hair more evenly while tourmaline curling tongs send out negative ions that lock in moisture.

2. Choose the Right Heat Settings

One's hair type determines the heat settings when curling using the tongs or iron. Instead of experimenting, users should know the right heat settings for their hair types to avoid a disastrous outcome. Most curling tongs feature variable heat settings. Those with colour-treated, fine, and fragile hair should adjust the heat setting to 200 degrees or below. Those with curly, coarse, or thick hair can increase the heat up to 300 degrees. The rule of thumb is to observe how the hair responds to the heat and adjust the settings accordingly. Do not go above 400 degrees when using the curling tongs.

3. Prepare Hair for Heat Styling

Before using the curling tongs, it is important to wash, condition, and volumise the hair if it is oily. If the hair is not oily, then applying a dry shampoo to the roots provides extra lift and staying power. Users should spray their still-damp hair with heat protectant. The solution forms a buffer between the hair and the curling tongs, preventing hair damage due to high temperature while adding shine to the hair.

Users can also apply a strong-hold mousse to the roots of the hair for a fuller look, or from mid-shaft to ends for a looser and softer look. For those with thick or coarse hair, a strong-hold mousse applied to the entire head gives the curls more definition and helps avoid frizziness. .

4. Using Curling Tongs to Achieve Bouncy Curls

Divide and clip dry hair into manageable sections. Work from the nape of the neck first: grab a one-inch section, comb through it, and then pick up the section at the ends before applying light-hold hairspray to create a lift. When using curling tongs with an inbuilt clamp, clamp the hair at the ends and roll up the tongs until the entire section of hair is looping around the barrel. When using curling tongs with no clamp, wrap the section around the barrel by starting at the roots and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds. If it is hard for the hair to hold a curl, after releasing from the tongs, roll the hair back up on the fingers and attach a duckbill clip. Users can place a small tissue paper between the clip and hair to avoid clip marks. After curling every section, gently finger comb the hair and apply hairspray on the entire head.

5. Using Curling Tongs to Achieve Loose Curls

Divide and clip hair into diagonal sections for a softer look. Next, grab a two-inch section of hair and comb through it before lifting the section from the ends and applying light-hold hairspray. Then, starting from the roots, wrap the hair in a spiral manner around the barrel of the curling tongs, with the tongs pointing downwards.

Allow the hair to sit on the tongs for 10 to 20 seconds while making sure that the hair ends cling tightly around the barrel. Finally, release hair and apply hair spray lightly. Repeat the process with the rest of the sections. Finish the look by combing with a natural bristle brush for glamorous, softer waves, or shaking out the curls with hands for that ' beachy' look.

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