How to Use Decorative Buckets in a Garden

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How to Use Decorative Buckets in a Garden

Using decorative buckets in your garden is a great way to grow flowers, plants, fruit, and vegetables without making your garden look like an untidy allotment. Decorative buckets help you keep your garden looking beautiful, while maximising your growing space and limiting weeds. Considering your options for using decorative buckets enables you to achieve an attractive, low-maintenance garden space.


Using Decorative Buckets to Grow Fruit and Vegetables

You can grow a huge variety of fruit and vegetables in decorative metal buckets. Having a contained growing space means you limit the risk of pests and weeds, and can easily control the amount of water you provide. However, remember that plants in decorative buckets or in any other container require fertilizer, as there is only a finite amount of nutrients in the compost you use. Before filling your buckets, punch or drill drainage holes in the base, then fill with high quality compost and add your plants. Strawberries do very well in decorative buckets, with the fruit hanging neatly over the edge. Tomatoes grow particularly well in buckets, as long as you provide consistent watering, and trailing tomatoes look fabulous as they spill over the edges.


Using Decorative Buckets to Maximise Your Growing Space

If you have only a small green space, a courtyard, or a large area of patio or decking, growing in the earth is impractical. Decorative tin buckets not only brighten up your space, but provide an easy way of growing in otherwise inhospitable areas. With several decorative containers side-by-side against a trellis, or standing in a circle with bamboo canes protruding from each, gathered in a tepee-shape in the centre, you can grow a mass of tall, stunning sweet peas, encouraging beneficial insects, such as bees, to the garden. Alternatively, switch the sweet peas for climbing beans or pole beans.


Using Decorative Buckets to Hold Garden Candles

When you want to enjoy the garden, but dislike those pesky insects, such as mosquitos, burning citronella candles is the easiest method of keeping them at bay, and placing them in a small decorative bucket provides a safe way of holding them, while adding pretty decoration. Fill your buckets with sand, then simply drive your candles into the centre. Alternatively, melt wax, add plenty of citronella oil, and several wicks, depending on the size of your bucket. Tie each wick to a cane and rest the cane across the bucket until the wax sets.

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