How to Use Dog Nail Clippers

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How to Use Dog Nail Clippers

Clipping dogs nails regularly helps to prevent discomfort and paw problems that can lead to expensive vet bills. Long nails can also cause damage to wooden floors and furniture, requiring repairs or leaving permanent damage. Learning to clip dogs nails at home is one solution to the problem. Having the tools on hand and understanding the necessary step goes a long way toward making the use of dog nail clippers pleasant for both owner and pet. Purchasing the correct tools, whether at a traditional pet supply store or at an online site like eBay, is much easier once consumers know the different available tools and trimming methods.

Tools and Equipment

Owners need several tools to clip their dogs' nails. In addition, the nails can fly quite a distance when being clipped, so wearing safety goggles while clipping is a good idea.


Safety Equipment

Dog nail clippers or nail grinder

Damp flannel washcloth

Nail file or emery board


Nail polish or white pen

Dog hair trimmer

Styptic powder or pads

Dog treats

Safety goggles

Shoppers can find kits with all of the necessary supplies or purchase them individually.

Manual Clipping

When clipping a dog's nails it is important to trim only the portion of the nail that extends beyond the quick, which is the blood vessel that runs within the nail itself. To avoid the quick it is important to trim in small slices. Examine the nail before trimming and look for a pink spot on the nail, this is the quick.

This is easy to see on light coloured nails but can be more difficult on dark or black nails. For dogs with dark nails, a torch placed under the nail should allow the trimmer to see the quick. Have a helper hold the torch behind the nail and use a dab of nail polish or a white pen to mark the quick on the front of the nail. Be sure not to cut too close to the quick by leaving a 2 mm space between the clipping and the quick.

Step 1

If the dog has long hair that obscures the nails it may be a good idea to use a dog hair trimmer to clean around the nail area. Then, use a damp flannel washcloth to clean each nail.

Step 2

Examine each nail. If there are breakages or burrs, remove these first with anail file or emery board,, filing from the top of the nail downwards to the tip. Use gentle pressure and move the file in only one direction.

Step 3

Position the clipper at a 45-degree angle to the nail. Make a series of small, thin clips using firm but gentle pressure. Speak softly to the dog while working offer a treat after the first nail and then after every few nails.

Step 4

Use a file or emery board to smooth all the nails. If a nail is trimmed too close, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Electric or Battery Operated Nail Grinder

Some dogs may be nervous around the noise of a dog nail grinder.. Using dog treats while running the grinder may help the dog feel less anxious.

Step 1

Clean the nails thoroughly with a washcloth and trim any excess fur that may obscure the nail area. Use a nail file or emery board to smooth the nail before grinding, working from the top of the nail to the end.

Step 2

Note the location of the pink spot on the nail with light coloured nails. On dark nails, use a torch held from behind the nail to locate the quick. Mark the location on dark nails with a white pen or a dab of nail polish.

Step 3

Pick up a paw and holding the grinder at a 45-degree angle grind the nail slowly. Use the lowest possible power setting that works for the dog. Go slowly and check progress frequently to avoid damaging the quick. When finished, clean the nails with a damp washcloth and check for burrs.

How to Buy Dog Nail Clippers on eBay

Once dog owners decide which method of nail clipping they want to try, buying clippers is easy. First, go to any eBay page. In the Search box, type in the words that best suit the item required. For dog nail clippers terms to use include "dog grooming&" and " dog nail clippers&". To narrow the results, click on a category.

Dog owners should consider the temperament of their dogs when selecting nail clippers. For some dogs, the sound of grinders can cause nervousness. No matter which option owners choose, making the clipping pleasant can help ensure a positive experience in the future as well.

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