How to Use Makeup Brushes

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How to Use Makeup Brushes

Each day, people around the world use a variety of brushes to apply their makeup. Each brush serves a different function. Thanks to advancements in makeup application technology, owners can use brushes to perform many tasks, ranging from blending liquid foundation and applying eyeliner, to giving the eyelids a dusting of eyeshadow. Whether the brushes come from a health & beauty store like Mac or online at eBay, a quick look into the different types of makeup brushes available allows makeup enthusiasts to buy the right brushes for their needs and helps owners know exactly how to use them to the best effect.

Purpose of Each Makeup Brush

There are five main types of makeup brushes owners use to apply a full face of makeup.

Name of Brush

Size of Brush

Purpose of Brush

Foundation brush


Spread liquid foundation to a smooth finish

Blush brush


Apply and spread powder or cream blush

Eyeshadow brush


Enhance eyes with powder or gel eyeshadow

Angled brush


Apply eyeliner and special effects

Powder brush


Dust loose powder for a finished makeup look

Even though each of these makeup brushes serves a different purpose, owners can use some of them for multiple tasks. For example, the blush brush comes sized large enough to apply loose powder, and the angled brush can apply eyeshadow.

Materials Needed to Apply Makeup

Before applying makeup, gather the brushes, eyeshadow, liquid foundation, and blush as well as liquid or pencil eyeliner and loose powder to set the makeup look. It is also helpful to have a clean towel to protect the work area as well as a hair elastic or headband to keep hair out of the way.

How to Use Makeup Brushes

Start with a clean face and a protected work surface, and lay all of the makeup out within easy reach. Gather the hair back with a hair elastic or stretchy headband and open all containers to ready them for use.

Using the Foundation Brush

Pour a small amount of foundation into the palm of the hand or on the fingertips and apply it to the face in a light layer. Using the foundation brush, spread the liquid across the face using a rapid tapping motion to completely cover the face and prevent the foundation from forming a line across the jaw area.

Using the Blush Brush

After the foundation sets, purse the lips to expose the cheekbones and swipe the blush brush over the powder compact or apply a bit of cream blush the size of a nail head to the cheeks. Apply it across the cheekbone area in broad strokes from the apples of the cheeks back towards the hairline. It may take two to five strokes to spread the blush.

Using the Eyeshadow Brush

To contour the eyes and provide enhancement, run the eyeshadow brush across the palette or eyeshadow pot and apply the product across the lids, taking care to apply the same amount of eyeshadow on both eyes. For a contrasting look or to enhance the browline, use a highlighting colour and apply it in the crease and slightly upwards across the brow bone.

Using the Angled Brush

For final eye area preparation, lightly dip the end of the angled brush in a pot of eyeliner or run it several times across the end of an eyeliner pencil and apply it as desired to the top and bottom lid. Many people have advanced application techniques they prefer to use, including finishing the outside corners with an upwards swoop for a cat eye look.

Using the Powder Brush

After completing all of the other makeup application, use the powder brush with loose powder to finish the entire look and keep oily skin at bay. Dip the brush in the powder, taking care to tap off any extra, and apply the product all over the forehead, chin, cheeks, and the bridge of the nose.

How to Buy Makeup Brushes on eBay

Whether you need an entire set or individual makeup brushes to apply a particular type of makeup, you can find many brands and types on eBay, including Bare Minerals. To find the perfect makeup brushes for your precise needs, type keywords into the Search bar found on any page such as "professional foundation brush", "Sonia Kashuk blush brush", or " MAC eyeshadow brush" to return a condensed list of results.

Using the right makeup brushes for the job ensure a flawless look. Shoppers can find a variety of brushes and makeup locally or online at sites like eBay and knowing how to use them ensure their success.

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