How to Use Nail Foils

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How to Use Nail Foils

Nail art and nail foils allow you to effortlessly create a wide range of effects and finishes on your fingernails or toenails. Nail foils in various designs are available on eBay. Before you buy these accessories, learn how to use them, from preparing your nails to applying and removing the foils.


Preparing Your Nails for Nail Foils

Nail art foils tend to peel off the nails if the nail surface is dusty or oily, and small pieces of dust can cause an uneven surface. In addition, applying a base coat in a colour that matches the foils hides imperfections. Nail foils come in a variety of designs, from plain to elaborately patterned to metallic or holographic. Choose a base coat colour that matches the most prominent colour in the pattern or the background of the design. If you prefer applying the nail foils without a base coat, simply push back your cuticles and thoroughly clean the surface of your nails with nail polish remover. Dry the surface with cotton or a paper towel, removing any fibres that remain. Apply a base coat, covering the nails from the bottoms to the tips.


Applying Nail Foils

To apply nail foils, you need nail glue, cotton buds, and small scissors. Prepare one piece of foil per finger by cutting pieces large enough to fit each nail. Each piece should be about 1.5 times longer and wider than the nail is. Nail art adhesive allows the foil to stick to your nail. Carefully paint each nail with the adhesive and wait for it to dry before applying the foil. The adhesive may be a milky colour when it is wet, becoming clear as it dries. Drying takes three to five minutes. Avoid painting adhesive on your cuticles, because if the foil adheres to your cuticles, it increases the likelihood of lifting and peeling. Once the adhesive is clear but tacky, firmly push the foil onto the each nail, taking care to smooth out any bubbles. The nail foil should be shiny side up. Position the foil in the centre of each nail, rub the foil to release it from its backing, and use a cotton bud to smooth the foil. Then, quickly pull the foil off.


Applying a Finish to Nail Foils

To make your nail foils last longer, apply a topcoat to your nails. Do not use clear topcoat nail polish because it wrinkles the foils. Use one to two layers of nail art finishing sealer. Alternatively, test a slow drying clear topcoat on one nail before applying it to all your nails to ensure that it will not ruin your foils.


Removing Nail Foils

Removing nail foils is an easy process. Simply use nail polish remover to remove the topcoat and dissolve the adhesive. Gently peel the nail foils away. Finally, use nail polish remover to remove the base coat.

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