How to Use Tile Trim

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How to Use Tile Trim

Tile in a bathroom or on a floor can make or break the general appearance of a room. It may seem like a trivial aspect, but the subtle addition of tile trim helps finish a room's overall look. Without it, floors and bathrooms look incomplete. Installing tile trim may seem like a daunting task for people new to DIY projects, but the task does not have to be difficult. In fact, with the right bits of knowledge, almost anyone can successfully use tile trim to complete the look of a room. Tile trim and the necessary accessories are available at most home improvement stores and on websites like eBay, as well.

Types of Tile Trim

The first and possibly easiest step in installing tile trim is to determine the desired type of tile trim. The main function of the trim is to act as a finishing touch for the laid tiles, whether they are on the floor in an owner's home or on the walls in a bathroom. The tile trim makes the transition from the tile to the neighbouring surface seamless, both literally and figuratively. Multiple types of tile trim exist, and each type has a slightly different appearance and different installation requirements. Different shapes are the most common distinguishing characteristic for the different types of tile trims.

Type of Trim


Cove Base Trim

Most commonly used in situations where a wall meets a floor

Shape typically goes straight down a wall and then curves at the junction of the floor and wall

Extends slightly over the floor

Bullnose Trim

Often used where walls and floors meet

Almost rectangular in shape, except for the rounded top edge

Counter Rail Trim or Chair Rail Trim

Can be used in any number of locations in a house

Often connects walls and floors

Sometimes used purely for decoration in the middle of a wall

Quarter Round Trim

One of the simplest types of trim

Name comes from the shape of a quarter sphere

Two flat edges fit perfectly into the corner intersection of a floor and a wall

The wide range of tile trim options leaves buyers with many different choices and possibilities for their homes. In many cases, they can let creativity and appealing aesthetics help them decide on trim choices.

Installation Accessories

Once a buyer decides on a particular type of tile trim, he or she has to pick up several additional accessories to complete the next few installation steps. A tile trim cutter is absolutely necessary because it allows users to make sure the trim used is exactly the right length for the wall or other surface. Some sort of tile adhesive is also a must to keep the tile trim firmly in place. A trowel is necessary to apply the adhesive to the trim and the attachment surface.


The general process of installing tile is actually quite simple. Once a user chooses the desired tile trim and obtains the necessary installation accessories, he or she simply needs to precisely measure the length of the application surface for the tile trim. A user must also decide how to deal with corners that require tile trim. In most cases, he or she can cut the trim at a 45-degree angle once it reaches a corner so it can connect with another piece of trim also cut at a 45-degree angle. Once a user has carefully applied the tile adhesive using a trowel, he or she firmly presses the trim in place for a few seconds and then leaves it untouched for a few hours to completely set. Once the adhesive sets, the tile trim firmly protects the edges of the underlying tiles from damage and wear for years to come.

How to Buy Tile Trim and Accessories on eBay

Many tasks that involve the concept of DIY seem like insurmountable tasks for individuals who are new to the concept, especially when it comes to something like tiling a home. However, with the proper knowledge, adding tile trim to floor and bathroom tile installations is not as difficult as it seems. Various tools and trims are available to make the job even easier, and shopping for these items on eBay is quick and often saves buyers a lot of money. eBay's quick navigation system makes the search process incredibly simple, and the site's knowledgeable sellers help keep potential buyers informed and comfortable throughout the purchasing process.

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