How to Use Wrist Weights

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How to Use Wrist Weights

Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One way to boost a workout is to incorporate weights. Wrist weights are a great addition to a workout as they increase the intensity burning calories and building muscle tone. Wrist weights add resistance and challenge to any workout. There are different types of wrist weights. Wrist weights can come as a fixed weight with weights ranging from.45 kg to 4.5 kg. Adjustable wrist weights are also available allowing users to add and remove weight. Always consult a doctor before adding weights to any type of workout or exercise. Consumers can purchase wrist weights at local sporting goods stores or through the online retailers such as eBay.

Types of Wrist Weights

Wrist weights are weights that you wear on your wrist while exercising. There are two main styles of wrist weights. The first style resembles and and straps onto a wrist like a bracelet. This style comes in a set weight and consists of neoprene. Wrist weights also come in an adjustable style. This style consists of material filled with sand that comes with adjustable velcro straps to make the weight fit the wrist. Straps should be snug on the wrist but not tight. This style also allows for adjusting the heaviness of the weight by adding or removing weight as desired.

Benefits of Using Wrist Weights

Adding wrist weights to a workout has many benefits. Convenience is a great benefit of using wrist weights. Wrist weights allow for the freedom of being able to have one's hands free. This makes wrist weights convenient to wear at any time and allows a person to build muscle while performing everyday tasks. The resistance provided by the weights helps also to intensify a workout. The weights increase the difficulty level of the workout boosting stamina, building upper body strength, and increasing muscle tone. Wearing wrist weights also increases heart rate, oxygen consumption, and burns more calories as the body has to work harder because of the extra weight. Wrist weights are also affordable.

Exercises using Wrist Weights

Wrist weights can be added to almost any type of exercise whether it be a cardio workout or strength training. Add wrist weights to a cardiovascular workout to increase the amount of calories burned and boost stamina. Experts recommend adding a lighter wrist weight for cardiovascular activities such as a brisk walk, jogging, or a cardio dance routine. Wrist weights can be added to a strength training workout as well.


Target Area

How to perform exercise

Bicep Curls

Muscles at front of upper arm

Stand with feet shoulder width apart; Extend arms so they are parallel with the ground palms up; Bend arms at elbow in towards shoulder; return back to parallel position. Repeat

Tricep Extension

Muscles at back of upper arm

Extend arms upward clasping hands together; bend arms at elbow until they reach the back of the neck; without moving elbows, extend arms straight back up. repeat

Lateral Raises

Shoulder muscles

Place arms at sides; raise arms to shoulder height without bending arms; return to sides. Repeat

Wrist weights help increase upper body strength and work well to target certain muscles such as biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Complete exercises in repetitions of ten-twelve.

Safety and Health

While adding weights to an exercise programme, is a great way to increase difficulty and improve a workout, it is important to be sure it is done properly. Add weights into a workout gradually; add a small amount of weight in the beginning for a short duration of time. If during the workout, the weights seem to be causing joint or muscle pain, remove them. Before using weights again, it is important to see how your body reacts to the change the following day.

How to Buy Wrist Weights on eBay

A large selection of wrist weights can be found on eBay. Using the search feature on eBay's homepage provides an expansive list of options. To narrow your search, use the advanced search option or enter a specific item such as "one kilogramme weights ." Buyers can then find the set of wrist weights that best suit their needs by searching by price range and style.

Wrist weights are an affordable, simple way to boost a workout. After a doctor consultation approves the addition of weights to a workout, wrist weights can both increase your cardiovascular health and strengthen muscles by adding them to your workout.

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