How to Use a 6-Finger Spider Capo for 12-String Guitar

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We have had many buyers ask us if a six-finger spider-capo can be adapted for a twelve-string guitar. While it is not specifically designed for this here is a guide which can help you change it for a twelve-string. We can't guarantee  the result for different guitar and capo varieties, but using this method should be okay with most types.

You will need:

- six-finger spider capo
- electricians plastic duct tape
-  a sharp razor knife (please take care with this)

Cut a section of duct tape wide enough to fill the groove in the spider capo where it will contact the string. You may wish to add an extra layer of duct tape, depending on the thickness of your tape. 

You might need to test out how many layers of duct tape you need for the different strings and also check the contact points between the capo/duct tape and string to get them in-tune as you want. As an estimate 2 layers on EADG and 1 layer on BE.

The outcome is that the tape creates a cushion to absorb the different string thickness and takes away most of the groove that would make a string out-of-tune.  Hopefully you can get some great configurations for your 12-string. Good luck!
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