How to Use a Beard Trimmer

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How to Use a Beard Trimmer

Stubble has taken over the clean shaven look in the recent past, and more men are now sporting stubble and beards. Beard trimmers replace razors because they keep a beard's growth in check. Using a beard trimmer is rather straightforward, and it is important that buyers find the right trimmer.

Visiting shops that sell hair clippers and trimmers is one way to buy a beard trimmer, although buyers can find more options when shopping on websites like eBay. Before actually using a trimmer, becoming accustomed to its features ensures that the trimming process goes smoothly.

Beard Trimmer Features

Buyers can find a variety of beard trimmers with options ranging from 10 pounds to more than 100 pounds, and they can expect to find different features on different models. The corresponding table shows how features affect pricing.


Approximate Price


Wahl Performer 5537/217

Around 10 pounds

Trims sideburns, beards, and goatees

Does not trim stubble or include wet operating ability

Remington Barba MB320C

Around 25 pounds

Trims sideburns, beards, goatees, and stubble

Works only on dry surfaces

Philips StyleShaver QS6140/32

Around 70 pounds

Trims side burns, beards, goatees, and stubble


Works in wet and dry conditions

Beard trimmers that work in wet conditions are generally more expensive than those that operate only on dry surfaces. Besides, features like detachable heads, vacuum systems, and inbuilt memory also have an impact on a trimmer's price.

Styling Features

Extra features and attachments translate to higher prices. People thinking about maintaining simple beards do not have to invest heavily and can make do with basic models, like the Wahl Performer 5537/217 or the Remington Barba MB320C. Men who wish to maintain stubble, goatees, or experiment from time to time, on the other hand, should look for models that can adapt in accordance. More expensive models come with detachable heads and include miniature vacuum systems that collect trimmed hair in small inbuilt containers. The use of lasers in beard trimmers, introduced by Philips, aims to simplify precision trimming.

When it comes to models around 100 pounds, buyers have to remember that they tend to target professional stylists. Some models, like the BaByliss i-Stubble, offer little more functionality than their original purpose, and this trimmer that does nothing more than trim stubble sells for around 50 pounds.

Other Features

Removable combs with adjustable settings are not difficult to find, and most models come with ergonomic handles. Some rechargeable beard trimmers include LEDs that indicate when the units have charged completely. Some include memory features that allow users to save different settings. Comb settings require buyers' attention since they can vary from model to model. This is important because while maintaining stubble requires a different length setting, keeping a thick, long beard requires a completely different length setting. Some models, for instance, include stubble-specific detachable heads, and others do not.

Power Options

Buyers can find beard trimmers that rely on different sources of power. While battery-powered options are typically cheaper and offer portability, they tend to include low-powered motors. Electric trimmers that require plugging in when in use tend to offer more powerful motors, although some people find the cord challenging. When buying corded options, buyers have varying cord lengths from which to choose.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

Preparation for trimming a beard starts even before picking up a trimmer, which requires users to wash and exfoliate their faces. This lifts the beard for a better glide and removes dead skin cells. Applying a shaving gel or oil and leaving it in place for about 15 minutes softens the hair. Not rushing through the process of trimming ensures that users do not trim extra tufts of hair in error.

When it comes to maintaining short beards, paying attention to hair below the jaw-line ensures a well groomed look. Users can accomplish this by reducing the trimmer's guard as they move away from the chin and toward the Adam's apple. With longer beards, keeping the length even is crucial.

How to Buy a Beard Trimmer on eBay

Buying a beard trimmer is easy owing to websites like eBay. Here, you have the option to browse offerings from a number of top-rated sellers, and some even offer deals with free delivery. Given the variety on offer, buyers can find beard trimmers manufactured by the leading names in the business, which include brands like Philips, Wahl, Remington, Braun, and BaByliss.

People who want to save money have the option to buy used beard trimmers on eBay, and in such instances, looking for local sellers enables buyers to inspect products before purchasing. To look for products on eBay, shoppers can use the search box found on every eBay page.

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