How to Use a Carpet Washer to Clean Your Carpet

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How to Use a Carpet Washer to Clean Your Carpet

Even the tidiest households need the carpets cleaned occasionally. Cleaning a carpet yourself is a great way to get your carpet clean and save on the budget. Using a carpet washer, a few professional methods, and a good carpet cleaning solution can help you maintain your carpet and save money as well.


Vacuum the Carpet Thoroughly

Before you begin using the carpet shampooer, vacuum the carpet twice. Vacuum in one direction the first time and across that the second time. Removing as much loose dirt, dust, and debris as possible is the best way to get a good clean from the carpet washer. Be sure you place a new bag in the vacuum cleaner before starting. If you have a canister model, be sure to empty the canister before starting. Dyson offers a wide range of vacuums suitable for your needs.


Treat Stains

Pre-treat any stains on the carpet by using a solution of carpet cleaner and water mixed in a spray bottle. Follow the directions on the carpet cleaning solution label when mixing. Spray any stains and allow the solution to set into the stain for a few minutes. Scrub the area with a brush and blot dry with a clean cloth or towel. Repeat this process on stubborn stains.


Use a Good Carpet Cleaning Solution

It is tempting to try something other than the recommended cleaning detergent in your carpet cleaning machine, but it is not cost effective in the long run. It can damage the carpet and the cleaning machine. Use the solution that the manufacturer designates. When cleaning wool carpets, be sure the cleaning detergent indicates that it is wool safe.


Using the Carpet Washing Machine

Following the manufacturer's directions for your carpet cleaning equipment, fill the machine with cleaning solution and water to the fill lines. It is tempting, with a dirty carpet, to add extra solution. However, carpet cleaning machines work best with a certain ratio of water to solution, and under- or over-filling with solution may result in a dirty carpet. Once you have removed the furniture, pre-treated stains, and filled the water and solution wells, plug the machine into the power. Using a power outlet that is not close to the area you are working on is a good idea. Begin shampooing in the area furthest away from your exit point, as you do not want to walk across the clean carpet to get out of the room. Clean in straight lines as much as possible and use a 3-centimetre overlap between strokes to prevent streaking. Be very careful not to over soak the carpet. Over wetting the carpet can push the cleaning solution through to the underlay, which can create damage and leave odours, as is very difficult to get the underlay dry.

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