How to Use a Hair Donut

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How to Use a Hair Donut

A chic ballerina-style bun is a classic, ever-popular hairstyle. Made smooth and sleek, the bun can create a stunning up do for special occasions. Left more messy and natural, the bun is great for casual activities and workday. The styling of the bun is easier with the hair donut. This stretchy, nylon mesh ring creates a mould, which forms the hair into a bun. The donut is easy to use and holds the hair securely all day. The hair donut comes in various sizes, from seven centimetres to 14 centimetres, for use by adults as well as children. The hair donut is available in blonde, brown, grey, red, or black colours. It is important to match the natural hair-colour as closely as possible.

Ways to Use the Hair Donut

There are many ways to use the hair donut, but most women use it in one of three ways to achieve a variety of looks. Each one is quick and easy with a little practise. For best results, hair must be long enough for a ponytail. Choose a donut that is closest in color to the color of the hair. Besides the donut, stylists need two elastic hair bands, a brush or comb, bobby pins or spiral hair clips, and hair spray.

Smooth Bun

The classic ballerina bun is tight, sleek, and secure. Used by ballerinas, skaters and other athletes, and by anyone desiring a snug, tidy up do, this bun is easy to create with the hair donut. Begin by brushing or combing the hair until smooth. Pull hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head. Variations are to pull the hair into the middle of the head or nape of the neck. Spray the hair with the hairspray before and after creating the ponytail as needed to achieve a smooth surface.

Loop the donut over the ponytail, next to the head, with the hair slipping through the centre of the donut. Spread the hair around the donut, holding it in place with hands. Fan the hair out, evenly, over the donut. Place the second hair band over the hair and donut to secure it.

Tuck the remaining ends of the hair around the bun and underneath the donut in a circular fashion. Continue going around the bun and tucking until all hair is secure. Using bobby pins or spiral hair clips, secure the bun to the head. Spray any loose hair and the bun. If desired, place an ultra-thin elasticised hairnet over the bun to keep hair firmly in place all day.

Bun with a Band

This softer version of the classic ballerina bun has a band of hair wrapped around the bun. It is a nice choice for work or school or special evening events. Begin by brushing the hair smoothly. To create a little lift on the crown or top of the head, tease or backcomb the hair, spritz with hairspray and lightly comb over the top of the teased hair. Secure the hair into a ponytail and spray lightly with hairspray as needed. Loop the donut over the ponytail as in the smooth bun style. Spread the hair around the donut and secure with the second elastic band.. Then, rather than tucking all the remaining hair under the donut, smooth the hair around the bun to form a band at the base of the bun. Secure these strands with bobby pins or spiral hair clips. Variations can be to twist or braid the strands before wrapping them around the bun. If desired, tug slightly on a few strands of hair in the bun to give a less structured look. This style often benefits from a pulling a few hairs loose near the ears or temples, creating a softening of the look.

Loose, Messy Bun

This version of the bun is much less structured, a more purposefully dishevelled look. This style is good for work, casual activities, or to create a sexy updo. Begin by brushing the hair and creating a lift on the crown by teasing the hair as described in the bun with a band style. Brush the hair into a ponytail at the desired spot, but leave the hair slightly loose and not slicked down tight. Grasp the ponytail and pull it straight up from the head. Place the donut at the end of the hair furthest away from the head. Fan the ends of the hair out, around the donut and begin wrapping the sections of hair around the donut. Roll the donut and the hair together toward the base of the ponytail. When the donut is next to the head, move the hair around to cover the donut and achieve the desired messy bun look. Secure the donut to the head with bobby pins. Pull strands of hair from the front around the face and in the back of the neck.

How to Buy a Hair Donut

The classic ballerina bun hair style is a versatile updo for casual to evening events. The look is easy to achieve with a little practise and the use of a hair donut. The donuts come in several sizes and colours. Choose a donut that is closest in colour to your hair colour. Stylists need a few other simple hairstyling tools to create the bun look. Buns with the hair donut can be snug, tight, and sleek or can be messy and loose. eBay is an excellent place to buy hair supplies including the hair donuts, pins, brushes, and sprays needed to achieve these looks. Search the health and beauty sections for products or type keywords into the search fields. Users can narrow selections by category, brand, type, color, price, and other options.

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