How to Use a Hair Straightener

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How to Use a Hair Straightener

Straight hair can create a new look for its wearer and provide opportunities for different haircuts and styles. The process of straightening hair can be safe and easy with the right tools, so take time to learn about the best methods for using a flat iron. Begin by gathering the appropriate items. In addition to a flat iron, users need to invest in a heat protective spray. It is important to wash hair before straightening it, so shampoo and conditioner are needed, as well. Once hair is clean and dry, it should be sectioned off with pins or clips, and curling tongs can be used to add extra style such as flips and curls. There are also several products that can be used to hold straight hair in place and help it look its best, such as hairspray.

Straightening irons and other hair care product can be purchased from health and beauty retailers, salons, and online marketplaces like eBay. Shop between sellers to find the best prices available, and read reviews to obtain high-quality products. Whether it is to build a new look or try something different for a night out, the proper tools and straightening techniques can help create an attractive hairstyle that can be worn anywhere.

Tools for Straightening Hair

Before using a hair straightener, it is important to have all necessary products and tools on hand. The following table provides a list of the most common items needed to successfully straighten hair.



Flat Iron

The basic tool used to straighten hair.

Heat Protectant

Special spray used to protect hair from the heat of the hair straightener.

Hair Clips

Needed to hold hair up in sections.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair must be clean before straightening.

Hair Dryer

Can be used to soften hair and add shine to it before straightening.

Curling Iron

For adding flips and curls at the end of straightened hair.

Hair Spray

Can help keep hair straight, especially in humid regions.

Silicone-Based Hair Shine

Adds shine and helps accent straight hair.

Once a user has gained experience with straightening her hair, new tools and products can be incorporated into the process. In time, individual touches and techniques are likely to develop.

How to Straighten Hair

For a successful straightening session, it is important to follow a certain process. Several steps are involved with straightening hair, and skipping one can create problems.

Wash Hair

The first step in straightening hair is washing it. Hair should be as soft as possible, so be sure to use a conditioner, as well. Using a product that adds shine can help straightened hair appear attractive and healthy.

Dry Hair

Hair can be dried with a blow dryer, or left to air dry. If using a blow dryer, direct the airflow down the hair, with the grain. This helps soften hair and give it a sheen. The heat protectant that is used during the straightening process can also be applied during this process to guard against excessive heat exposure.

Section Hair and Clip it Up

Straightening needs to be done in sections, especially with longer hair. Divide hair into at least four manageable sections and clip them to the top of the head, allowing a layer at the back to hang down. Plug the hair straightener in during this process and allow it to warm up.

Apply Heat Protectant

Before using the straightening iron, spray the heat protectant onto the first section. Repeat this process for each new area before straightening.

Use the Straightener

From the section of hair that is hanging down, separate a strip that is approximately two or three centimetres wide. Clamp the iron to this strip near the roots, and gently and smoothly pull the iron down toward the tips. Repeat this process across the entire section.

Individuals should find a heat level that works best for their hair. In general, delicate hair responds better to multiple, quick passes with a low heat setting, while thick, curly hair can be handled with slow, single strokes on a high heat setting. Be aware that high heat can be damaging to hair if left in a single place for too long, while multiple passes wear hair out. Ultimately, personal preference and comfort levels should dictate the process, so find an efficient balance that provides the best results while retaining healthy hair.

Once a single area has been worked, release a new section from its clip and repeat the process. It can be useful to pin or clip sections that have been completed to keep them out of the way while working.

Style Hair

Once hair has been straightened, users may choose to use a curling iron at the ends to add flips, curls, and other touches. After work with the irons has been completed, consider adding a hair shine solution. These products add lustre to straight hair, helping it look its best. Hairspray can also be applied to keep hair in place. Be sure to add all treatments after straightening and curling, as some products may be flammable and can be ignited by the heat from the irons.

Other Considerations

Straightening irons are hot, and can cause damage to skin and hair. While working, take precautions to keep the iron from coming into contact with skin. Also, repeated straightening can cause damage to hair, resulting in brittle hair and even hair loss. Avoid unnecessary passes over a section during a straightening session, and limit straightening to no more than three or four times each week to keep hair healthy and full.

Choosing Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are available from dozens of manufacturers, and can range considerably in price and quality. For the best results, take the time to read product reviews before choosing a straightener. Beauty-oriented websites often have reviews of individual products, and customer ratings can be found on many shopping sites. In some cases, dozens of customer reviews and ratings are available for a single item, which can offer a healthy balance of opinions. Look for information about design, settings, and heat output to find the best hair straighteners.

How to Buy Hair Straighteners on eBay

Hair straighteners and all other items needed for the straightening process can be purchased on eBay. You can choose from new and used items, and shop from private and commercial sellers. To begin shopping, head to the eBay home page. You may enter keywords into the search field, or click on any of the category links on the page. Both of these options can be used from subsequent search results pages to continue refining a search, and in many cases, a combination of the two provides the best results.

For example, begin by entering "hair straightener" into the search field. The search results can then be narrowed by introducing new terms, such as a brand name. Alternately, look for category options in the search results page. These can be used to browse by plate material, features, brand, price, and condition, among others.

Before committing to a purchase, take the time to inspect item listings and seller profiles. Click on the name or image of any product in search results to see its full listing. Sellers often provide descriptions of the item, or include a list of features and details from the manufacturer. Check the price of the item, and remember to include shipping charges in your estimate of the final cost. Once you have found a desirable product, check the seller's profile by clicking on the name in the item listing. Look for sellers with a high positive feedback rating and many completed transactions to ensure a positive buying experience.


Straightening hair can create new looks and styling opportunities. To achieve the best results, it is important to perform the straightening process carefully, using proper products and techniques. Begin by washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner. Dry thoroughly with a blow dryer, or allow hair to air dry. If a blow dryer is used, consider using a heat protectant to reduce heat damage. Pin or clip hair up in at least four sections, allowing the hair at the back of the head to hang down. Working in two or three centimetre strips, guide the hair straightener down the length of the strands to the tips. Repeat this process across the section before moving on, and clip completed areas to keep them out of the way. Once done, consider styling with a curling iron before adding hair shine products or hair spray.

Remember to work as efficiently as possible to avoid damage to the hair. Try using single passes with a high heat setting, or multiple passes with a low heat to achieve the best results for different hair types. Always practise caution when using hot irons, and avoid straightening hair more than a few times each week.

Hair straighteners can be purchased from salons and beauty product retailers, as well as online marketplaces like eBay. Read reviews to find the best items, and shop around to compare prices. Whether one is establishing a new look, or simply trying something new, proper straightening techniques can produce an attractive and alternative look.

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