How to Use a Kenwood Food Processor

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How to Use a Kenwood Food Processor

A Kenwood food processor is an invaluable kitchen appliance. Incredibly versatile, a Kenwood food processor allows consumers to mix cake batters, grate or chop food items, blend soups, make smoothies, knead dough, and perform a host of other time saving processes easily and efficiently. To get the most out of their food processor, consumers need to fully understand how to safely operate it. Knowing how to clean it, set it up, and choose the right attachments are all essential to getting the best results. Users should follow the safety precautions to limit risk of injury to the user and damage to the device, and widen their culinary experiences by following new and exciting recipes.

Safety Precautions

One of the most vital safety precautions when using a Kenwood food processor is to take the utmost care when handling the blades and attachments. The majority of blades have sharp edges and some attachments have areas in which fingers can get caught. Only ever handle the blades and attachments using the hand grips. When changing blades, ensure the processor is turned off and unplugged from the mains. This significantly reduces the risk of injury. Never attempt to put fingers or utensils inside the processor while it is in use. Never use an unauthorised attachment as it may not fit securely and may cause injury. Never push food into the bowl with fingers as this can result in injury. Instead, always use the pusher supplied with the device.

Cleaning a Kenwood Food Processor

Before disassembling and cleaning a Kenwood food processor, switch the device off and disconnect from the mains. This ensures users can proceed safely, without fear of injury or electrocution. Remove the pusher and the lid and clean using hot soapy water, ensuring the rims receive a thorough clean, as food residue often gets wedged inside. Next, using only the hand grip, lift out the attachment. Again, wash this in hot soapy water, carefully cleaning the sharp parts. Turn the attachment over and be sure to thoroughly clean the underside as food gets stuck in the portion that slides over the connection tube in the bowl. Twist and release the bowl and wash it out thoroughly. Consumers can also clean down the body of the food processor using a damp cloth. However, the body should never be submerged or exposed to copious amounts of water.

How to Set Up the Kenwood Food Processor

After unpacking a Kenwood food processor, the first step is to place the body on a flat, stable surface. Next, wash the bowl, lid, pusher, and all the attachments and thoroughly dry them. Place the bowl on the body and twist into place. It clicks into place with the handle sticking out on the right hand side. Then choose the required attachment, and gripping it carefully by the finger grip, place it into position, over the central attachment tube in the base of the bowl. Once securely in place, take the lid and twist into place. At this point users can then plug the processor into the mains after checking the power cable is in tact with no visible signs of damage.

Choosing the Correct Attachment

Kenwood food processors come with a range of attachments. Each attachment has different functions. Knowing which attachments to use for different applications is crucial to get the best results. For example, using the grating attachment to blend a soup does not produce good results.



Grating Disc

Grating of cheese, fruits, and vegetables

Can be purchased in different grater sizes

Chopping Blade

Used for chopping, mixing, pureeing, and mashing

Julienne Disc

Used to create julienne strips from fruit and vegetables

Dough Hook

Used to knead sweet and savoury doughs


Used for making sauces, cake batter, and soups

For whisking egg whites

Whisk can be either a paddle or twin beaters

Rasping Disc

For grating hard cheeses or potatoes.

Also used for grating nutmeg and coconut

Centrifugal Juicer

For grating both firm and soft fruit and vegetables

Consumers must ensure they use the correct attachment to suit their purpose. Using the wrong attachment can be disastrous and result in a waste of food and time, requiring users to start all over again. Ensure the chosen attachment is suited to the intended process to get the best results.

How to Buy a Kenwood Food Processor on eBay

You can find both new and used Kenwood food processors on eBay at great prices. Search for, and identify your food processor and any accessories you require, such as replacement blades. Check the seller feedback to ensure you get a top quality product delivered in a timely manner, and complete your purchase with any of the convenient payment options. Make your culinary endeavours quick and easy and broaden your kitchen repertoire with a high quality Kenwood food processor. These devices help you save considerable time in the kitchen, with a range of useful attachments, including a dough hook to mix and knead dough, a grater, and a cutting blade.

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