How to Use a Kettle BBQ

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How to Use a Kettle BBQ

A kettle BBQ takes its name from its kettle-like shape. Manufacturers design it to reach very high temperatures that are good for grilling seared meats and burgers. For this reason, using a kettle BBQ to cook anything at a low, steady temperature can be a challenge for beginners. However, by following a few simple steps, it is possible to learn to perform this task quite efficiently. Meats that can benefit from low and slow cooking on a kettle BBQ include pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and more. Grilling enthusiasts can greatly benefit from learning how to properly light a kettle BBQ and how to cook and smoke meats using different methods.

How to Light a Kettle BBQ

After removing the lid and cooking grate of the kettle BBQ, roll up a few sheets of newspaper and stuff them into the bottom of the charcoal chimney. Then, fill the chimney with charcoal, set it on the lower grate, and light the newspaper. Alternatively, you can use firelighters, which have the advantage of creating less of a mess. Once the charcoal turns grey, empty the chimney onto the kettle grill's lower grate. Finally, place the grate over the hot coals.

How to Cook Using a Kettle BBQ

Light the grill and wait until there is a film of ash covering the charcoal. Then, place the rack on the grill, and place the food on it. Knowing when to turn food over is one of the keys to successful grilling. Kettle BBQs reach high temperatures, and turning food over often is critical to preserving flavours and preventing overcooking. When charcoal looks like it is going out, stir it and add some new charcoal. Always try to keep an even temperature.

If you enjoy smoked meats, using a kettle BBQ to smoke them is a great idea. The choice of wood is important for the process of smoking meats. Apple, oak, maple, hickory, and pecan woods are among the most popular. To keep the meats moist, you should place a pan with water on one side of the charcoal chimney, while placing the charcoal on the other side. Another secret of the smoking process has to do with time, so keeping the temperature steady is very important. Foods with excessive fat can drip over the coals and cause the fire to flare up, so it is a good idea to place these foods on top of aluminium foil until the fat releases.

The Minion Method

The Minion method allows for cooking food on a kettle BBQ for periods of several hours at very low temperatures. While some experts cook meats for 10 hours, you can achieve very good results using this method for four to six hours.

To prepare a kettle BBQ to cook using this method, you must place two layers of about eight briquettes on one side and a foil tray with a small amount of water on the other side of the BBQ, and allow the briquettes to burn while uncovered until the charcoal turns grey. Then, arrange 32 more briquettes around the lit charcoal, also in two layers, and finally, bring the temperature to 175 degrees Celsius. It is important to use a BBQ thermometer to measure temperatures accurately. To maintain this low temperature, leave the bottom vent open and the upper vent half open.

How to Clean a Kettle BBQ

It is easy to clean a kettle BBQ using greased lightning cleaner and a plastic putty knife. Alternatively, you can use steel wool. To clean the external surfaces, you can simply hose them down with a pressure washer. Some people prefer not to touch the inside of a kettle BBQ and simply clean it by dumping the ashes and brushing the grate to avoid interfering with smells and flavours.

How to Buy a Kettle BBQ on eBay

Sellers post listings for a broad selection of kettle BBQs on eBay. The classic Weber kettle BBQ is among the most popular models. Whatever model you prefer, you can easily find suitable listings by entering a few keywords into the eBay search bar. For example, you can search for " charcoal kettle BBQ". You can then refine listings by adding terms or selecting category options. Once you find suitable items, take a moment to review the seller's eBay reputation. Kettle BBQs can be a great asset for the home. They are versatile cooking systems that perform a variety of tasks for the grilling, smoking, and roasting of a variety of foods.

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