How to Use a Krups Coffee Maker

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German manufacturer Krups has a rich history of producing high-quality kitchen appliances. However, coffee lovers who enjoy the finest coffee beans in the world prefer Krups for the company's high-end line of coffee makers. 
How to Use a Krups Coffee Maker
The key to producing the best coffee makers involves providing users with easy-to-understand instructions and durable parts that combine seamlessly to produce the flavour profiles advertised by coffee producers. Coffee lovers can find a wide variety of Krups coffee makers online on eBay.

First, they should learn how to operate a basic Krups coffee maker, which includes the often neglected step of cleaning the machine.

How to Operate a Standard Krups Coffee Maker

Before coffee lovers run the first cycle on their brand new Krups coffee makers, they need to rotate the time selector switch to the "off" position. The LCD display then flashes, which allows coffee lovers to set the machine's timer digitally. Set the hours and minutes by manipulating the "h" and "min" buttons. Cycle the machine one time with warm water to remove factory sediment.

Fill Water Chamber

Coffee lovers open the hinged lid and, using the thermal carafe, they slowly pour water into the coffee maker reservoir. This step requires a steady hand to ensure no spillage and provides coffee lovers with their preferred amount of brewed coffee. The machine's water indicator level displays how many cups of coffee the poured water can brew. Coffee lovers should remember that the amount of fresh brewed coffee invariably falls slightly lower than the amount indicated by the poured water. They should close the thermal carafe by twisting it hard to the right to ensure the lid remains secure.

Adding Ground Coffee

Standard Krups coffee makers possess filter holders that swing out from under the percolator. Coffee lovers insert a number four filter paper or gold tone filter into the coffee filter holder. Krups recommends that coffee lovers they fold the coffee filter edges over the side of the filter holder. Krups also recommends that they lovers measure one level of ground coffee for each cup of robust coffee. Coffee lovers can adjust ground coffee amounts after they use the machine a few times. The final step involves closing the coffee filter holder and ensuring the carafe cover closes tightly on the percolator base. Turn on the coffee filter machine and the indicator light should illuminate.

Stop 'n Serve Feature

Krups developed the Stop 'n Save feature to answer the demands of impatient coffee lovers who clamour for quick cups of coffee. The Stop 'n Serve device automatically stops the brewing process through the filter holder whenever a coffee lover removes the carafe to pour coffee. Coffee lovers have about 20 seconds to pour coffee until the coffee maker restarts the brewing process. The no-drip feature eliminates coffee stains that accumulate on both the coffee machine and kitchen counter.

How to Clean a Krups Coffee Maker

Using a Krups coffee maker involves adhering to a regular cleaning regimen. Coffee lovers can eliminate foul tasting coffee by properly cleaning their Krups coffee makers. Cleaning the Krups coffee maker removes the mineral deposits that cling to the machine, which results in quicker brewing times and high-quality tasting coffee.


Coffee lovers only need white vinegar and water to clean their Krups coffee makers. Preparation for cleaning requires coffee lovers to prepare a solution of two parts water to one part white vinegar to fill the coffee carafe. Then, coffee lovers pour the solution into the coffee reservoir and place the carafe on the burner.


Coffee lovers can turn on the Krups coffee maker and wait for the water-vinegar mixture to drip into the carafe. This process cleans the interior of the coffee maker before it rests within the coffee carafe. Turn the coffee maker off and allow the mixture to cool for about 20 minutes. Repeat the process one more time and remove the solution from the carafe. With a soapy, damp towel, coffee lovers can wipe the exterior of both the coffee carafe and coffee maker to remove stains.

How to Buy a Krups Coffee Maker on eBay

eBay hosts sellers who offer a wide variety of Krups coffee makers. By typing specific keywords into the search bar, you reduce the number of seller prospects and reduce the amount of time you spend on a search. Type "Krups coffee maker" into the search engine, and then narrow your search further by specifying buying criteria. For example, you can specify by typing your preferred feature, such as "cord storage" or "cup warming surface". Then, visit each seller's product page to review accepted payment methods and delivery times. To ensure prompt delivery, only consider sellers who live in the United Kingdom .

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