How to Use a Nexus 7 Camera

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How to Use a Nexus 7 Camera

The Nexus 7 tablet is a versatile device that enables you to play games, browse the Web, and stay connected. The unit contains built-in cameras that are useful for video chat, personal photos and videos, and other applications. However, the original release of the Nexus 7 does not have an installed camera app, which means you cannot access the camera function when you first turn on the device. For this reason, it is necessary to perform a few basic setup procedures before using the Nexus 7. Learn about installing a camera app for the Nexus 7 and adding additional apps to get the most from the device.

Install an App to Use the Camera

Google built the original model of the Nexus 7 with a front-facing camera. Unlike other tablets on the market, the Google Nexus 7 does not contain a factory-installed camera app, so it is necessary to download one before using the device.

The simplest way to get the camera working on the Nexus 7 is to install the Camera Launcher for Nexus 7. This app allows you to access the tablet's camera in the same way you would on any other Android 4.1 device. The Camera Launcher for Nexus 7 is available on Google Play and is free to use. Once you install the Camera Launcher, look for the Android camera icon on your device. Tapping this icon enables you to use the full functions of the camera.

Be aware that later versions of the tablet, such as the 2013 Nexus 7 , include a rear-facing camera that allows you to photograph environments and other people more easily. In addition, the newer models have a camera app installed, which eliminates the need to seek out one on your own.

Set the Camera App Icon to the Dock

If you use the Nexus 7 camera on a regular basis, you can save yourself time and trouble by setting the camera app icon to the dock. This provides easy access to the camera without the need to navigate any menus. You can do this by opening the apps launcher and dragging down the icon of the app you want to the dock. However, the dock only has room for six icons, so once it is full, you need to remove some to make room for others. You can do this by dragging an existing dock icon up to the home screen to remove it.

Download Other Camera Apps

Several camera apps are available to help you get the most from your Nexus 7 photos. One of the most popular apps on the market is Instagram. This app is fully compatible with the Nexus 7 since its 11.7 update. The app emphasises viewing on the tablet screen instead of creating photos and adding filters, which makes it an ideal way to enjoy new photos from friends and family. However, you can still create your own images by using the Nexus 7's cameras, and you can even share your photos on Flickr with a convenient option in the sharing menu.

If you have multiple camera apps and want to keep them organised, you can download the Camera Starter app. This lists all camera apps for the device in a single place, helping avoid clutter in your dock and eliminating the need to hunt through all your apps to find the desired one.

Stay Updated

App creators regularly upgrade their products to alter their performance and improve their compatibility with a wide array of products. An easy way to add the updates for all apps on the Nexus 7 is to head to the Google Play store. By tapping the My Apps icon, you can see a list of your apps along with notifications to indicate which ones have an update available. Pressing the button to update all apps provides the latest versions of all Google Play apps installed on the device.

How to Buy the Nexus 7 on eBay

Sellers post listings for new and used Nexus 7 tablets and accessories on the eBay website. To begin a search, you can enter keywords into the search field on any eBay Web page or follow relevant category links. Click on any item in search results to see information about the listing, such as delivery costs and the payment methods accepted by the seller. You can also view information about sellers, including their feedback rating and number of completed transactions.

The Nexus 7 enables you to capture video and photos with its front-facing camera by installing a camera app. Newer models of the tablet include a rear-facing camera, as well. Consider adding additional apps to improve the performance of the camera and create attractive images with the touch of a button.

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