How to Use a Tile Cutter

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How to Use a Tile Cutter

Whether for tiling a whole section of the house or for cutting tiles for an art deco project, the humble tile cutter is a trusty tool. Since tile cutters are available in a few types, choosing the right cutter is important for the smooth and safe completion of the job. Buyers may choose a simple manual cutter or a powered one. Besides using the right cutter, home DIYers should always plan their projects carefully and ensure that their measurements are accurate. That way, they can get tiles in consistent sizes. Buyers can find and buy a tile cutter and various tiles at tile or hardware shops, and online on eBay.

Use the Right Tile Cutter

Consumers should always choose the right tile cutter for a particular job to complete it efficiently. Common tile cutters are the snap tile cutter, the glass and ceramic cutter, and the wet tile saw.

Tile Cutter Type



Snap tile cutter



Easy to handle

May produce irregular cuts

Unsuitable for large projects

Glass and ceramic cutter


Cuts through glass and ceramic

Lightweight and compact

Unsuitable for large projects

Wet tile saw


Can cut many tiles

Cuts through thick tiles


The snap tile cutter has a heavy, rigid stand, a rotating blade, and space to hold the tile. The glass and ceramic cutter is a hand-held cutter with a carbide blade for penetrating glass. A wet tile saw has a water reservoir, round blade, and a platform to hold tiles.

Mark and Place the Tile

Before cutting any tile, users must measure and mark the tile with a carpenter's chalk or pencil. Without doing this, it is difficult to get a straight cut. After marking, users should line up the mark on the tile with the blade or arrow on the cutter. On a snap cutter, the next step is to secure the tile with the cutter's clamp. When cutting many tiles in the same size, users can set the slide gauge to replicate their cutting measurements.

On a wet tile saw, users must fill its tray with water and then switch it on. Wearing safety goggles is also important as the force from this machine can splinter tiles. On this saw, users just place the marked tile on its platform and align it properly using the on-board guides.

Cut the Tile

To cut a tile on a snap tile cutter, users first move the tip of the blade to the mark at the edge of their tile. Then, they can push down the lever and move the blade wheel along the line. By applying constant pressure and cutting in one smooth motion, users should get a straight, even cut. On a wet tile saw, after aligning the tile correctly with the machine's guides, users should push the tile through the blade. They should apply enough pressure to get an even cut, and to ensure safety, they must mind the distance between their hands and the blade.

With a hand-held glass and ceramic cutter, consumers just hold the cutter so its blade is on the line they marked out on the tile. Next, they press down with the cutter and cut the tile along the line.

Smooth and Shape the Tile

After cutting a tile, users may choose to smooth the rough edges of the tile. Besides for cosmetic purposes, filing the edges of a tile ensures that it fits snugly during installation on the floor or wall. Since a tile is hard and rough, users can smooth its edges this with a tile file. It is available either as a thin metal plate with holes, or as a file with a handle. When trying to fix a tile around an object such as an electrical outlet or water pipe, consumers should use a tile nipper. This equipment cuts chunks out of a tile so it can fit in irregularly shaped places.

How to Buy a Tile Cutter

eBay contains numerous tile cutters you can purchase. To search for the right tool for your project, type the relevant keywords into eBay's search bar and go through the available products. You can then use the various filters to specify the brand, condition, or even power source of your tile cutter. Take note of the size, specifications, and price of the item before buying it. To find out more about a product, use the contact link on the seller's profile page to forward your questions. When doing small tiling work, you can use a snap tile cutter as it is cheap and easy to use. However, a wet tile saw works best for large projects.

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