How to Use a Toning Belt

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How to Use a Toning Belt

Toning belts can help you effectively shed centimetres from the waist within a short amount of time. You get the best results when you use one in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Understand how to use a toning belt properly to accelerate your results, avoid injury, and get chiselled abs.


How to Wear a Toning Belt

Wrap the toning belt directly around the skin of the target muscle group. Most commonly made for the stomach area, it attaches with Velcro or slides over your torso with an adjustable elastic band. Once in place, ensure the pads align with the targeted muscles. The lightweight, breathable material makes the belt comfortable throughout use. Users can even wear one underneath clothing as they go about their day.


How Toning Belts Work

Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology contracts muscles in the abdominal area to emulate the natural movement of a push-up or crunch. Over time in conjunction with exercise, the tummy toning belt can help visible results appear faster. The electric pads attach to ab muscles to stimulate a deep contraction to define the abs further. The belt not only tones abdominal and oblique muscles, but it also contracts the transversus abdominis, the hard-to-reach layer of muscle that sits under the abs. This muscle layer supports the lower back and results in washboard definition when toned. Adjust the controllable settings for the desired results: low power for a long duration tones muscles, while high power in short durations grows the muscles.


Toning Belt Safety

Originally developed by physiotherapists and doctors, abdominal toning belts have been used in hospitals and clinics for years. To ensure safety, restrict each session to 30 minutes or less. Overworking the ab muscles risks injury and decreases the positive impact on the muscle. Additionally, take two to three days off per week, as rest gives the abs time to recover.


Toning Belt Effectiveness

For the best results, use a toning belt to complement a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Moreover, since the pads of a stomach toning belt lose their ability to conduct electricity, which decreases their effectiveness on the abs, replace them after approximately 30 uses.


Additional Uses

Choose body toning belts for other muscle groups besides the abs. Arm toning belts, such as those from Slendertone, typically work both triceps at the same time. It builds strength and muscle definition. To work the thighs and bottom, look for toning shorts, which use the same technology. For the best results, put them on before work, or after a workout, and let them run for no more than 30 minutes.

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