How to Use a Tyre Repair Kit

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How to Use a Tyre Repair Kit

Flat tyres are unfortunately a fact of life for many people who own cars. They can occur due to bad road conditions, debris, or simple wear and tear on the tyre. Without the proper equipment on hand and a knowledge of how to use it, a flat tyre can spell disaster for someone who ends up stranded on the side of the road. It is therefore a good idea to purchase and learn how to use a tyre repair kit in order to perform quick and safe temporary repairs while on the road. A tyre repair kit is often even safer and easier to use than a spare tyre. A good place to find tyre repair kits and other automotive supplies is on eBay.

Picking the Right Kit

A good tyre repair kit contains several different tools for use in repairing a tyre in order to ensure they are well-prepared in case of an incident.

Tool Name


Tyre gauge

Checks the tyre pressure to determine if a tyre has lost or is losing air


Removes debris from tyres, such as nails or rocks

Puncturing tool

Makes smaller holes in tyres larger so that owner can insert a plug

Plugging tool

Pushes the plug into the puncture

Strip tape

Seals up the hole in the tire

Air compressor

Refills the tyre with air after sealing

It is often possible to find a kit that contains all or most of these items. Typically, car owners should expect to purchase an air compressor separately. A number of portable air compressors are available, and these can run off of the car's battery to save the owner from having to find a nearby gas station.

How to Use the Tyre Repair Tools

After assembling all of the tools in the tyre repair kit, it is important to know the nuances of the tools in order to use them correctly. Some of the tools are very easy to use, but others need a little bit of know-how and finesse to work properly.

Tyre Gauge

Before using the tyre gauge,, owners should make sure they know how full their tyres should be. The car manual usually contains this information, though some cars also put the appropriate tyre pressure on the inside edge of the car door. Proper tyre pressure is important even outside of a flat tyre scenario, as under-inflated or over-inflated tyres are dangerous and cause cars to have poor gas mileage. The main thing to worry about in using a tyre gauge is ensuring a good seal around the tyre stems in order to get an accurate reading.

Puncturing Tool

The puncturing tool makes the hole in the tyre bigger so that the plug fits. It also cleans out the puncture and makes it smooth so that it holds the plug better. When inserting the puncturing tool, many kits also have rubber cement in the kit that helps seal the plug.

Plugging Tool

The tyre plugging tool looks a bit like a large sewing needle with a handle on the end of it. After using the puncturing tool, car owners should then insert a piece of tyre strip tape,, also known as a tar strip or tyre repair strip, through the eye of the needle in the plugging tool. The user should then put some rubber cement on the repair strip before inserting it into the hole in the tyre. Following the insertion of the strip tape, the owner can twist the plugging tool in order to take it out without removing the plug.

Finishing the Repair

After inserting the strip tape, the owner should trim the plug down to be level with the tread on the tyre as soon as possible. Trimming the plug ensures the plug remains in place and does not pop out once the vehicle is in motion. Finally, the owner should use an air compressor to bring the tyre pressure back up to recommended levels. This step requires using the tyre gauge again.

How to Buy a Tyre Repair Kit

A great place to find the tools to maintain a set of car tyres is on eBay. Shoppers can locate individual tools to create their own kits, or purchase pre-assembled repair kits. The search function makes it easy to locate a suitable kit. After searching for " tyre repair kit &", a range of options appears in the search results, allowing users to compare different kits, prices, and vendors. Picking a good vendor is also easy with eBay's feedback system, as customers can see in advance which sellers have received positive reviews from past shoppers. If a set of tyres reaches the end of its useful life, eBay is also a good resource for finding new car tyres..

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