How to Use an Espresso Machine

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How to Use an Espresso Machine

An espresso machine provides barista-style espresso at home, saving time and money, negating the need to go out to the coffee shop and buy expensive espresso shots. Instead, consumers can make their own, practising the art of espresso making, using their choice of blends, and creating their perfect espresso shot. While every espresso machine is slightly different, and the operating procedure differs as well, there are a number of useful tips that apply to any machine and process that ensure the best possible result.

Make Double Espresso Shots

When first using an espresso machine, for the best results, make double shots. While single and double shots require the same technique and same brewing time, double shots are slightly more forgiving, particularly for beginners. When creating double espresso shots, consumers always get considerably more crema, which is the pale froth that forms on top of an espresso shot. The crema helps to counter any harsh flavours present in the espresso.

Only Use Freshly Ground Coffee

It is vitally important to only use freshly ground coffee . For best possible espresso, consumers should never use pre-packed coffee grounds or home-ground coffee they previously made and stored. Instead, they should grind the amount of coffee the need to create the appropriate number of espresso shots each time they use their machine. Generally, a single espresso shot requires six to ten grammes of coffee, with twelve to fourteen to twenty grammes used for a double shot.


Practice is an absolutely essential part of getting the most out of an espresso machine and getting the perfect shot. Consumers should repeat the entire process, from grinding the beans through to tasting. Repeating all of the necessary tasks allows consumers to perfect their skills and gain speed. Each time a new blend is used, shoppers should practice with their new blend, to find the right taste and mouthfeel.


Experimentation plays a big part in getting that perfect espresso shot. Trialling as many different blends as possible allows consumers to find those blends that please them and produce superior espressos with their particular machine. Every machine is slightly different, and everybody has different tastes, so trying out a range of blends is the best option to find a truly enjoyable shot.

Get the Right Grinding Texture

The right grinding texture is crucial. The texture of the ground coffee is one of the most basic and essential elements to getting a decent espresso. To get the right texture, grind a small portion of espresso blend and pinch or roll it between the fingers. The ideal texture should be soft and sand-like, close to, but not quite, a powdered texture. If the grind is too coarse, the water travels through too quickly, creating a weak, watery espresso. If the texture is too soft and fine, the water takes longer to pass through but this results in a harsh, bitter espresso. Once the user feels the grind is of the right texture, they can make a trial espresso shot. From that point they can taste the shot and make fine grinding adjustments, making and tasting an espresso shot each time they adjust the grind until they find the best one.

Prepare the Espresso Machine

Preparing the espresso machine is an important step. Because every espresso machine is different, users are strongly advised to read their instruction manual thoroughly. This allows users to fully understand how to work their machines. If shoppers have misplaced their manual, it is possible to purchase a new one as long as they know the brand and model of their machine. An espresso machine must be brought to the right temperature. A machine that is too cool produces vastly inferior espresso. From the off position and room temperature, an espresso machine takes between 15 minutes to an hour to reach an adequate brewing temperature, depending on the size of the water reservoir. For machines on standby, the water usually drops below the recommended temperature. Therefore, users should run the water or refill the reservoir to make the heater kick in.

Create a Level Puck of Coffee in Basket

Creating a level puck of coffee is an important aspect of the espresso-making process commonly overlooked. Measure out the appropriate weight of ground coffee and place in the basket. Next, using a coffee tamper, depress the coffee within the puck, ensuring it is flat and even. A tightly leveled basket of coffee ensures the water has ample time to brew in the coffee basket, therefore producing a better cup of espresso.

How to Buy an Espresso Machine on eBay

eBay sellers offer a variety of espresso machines and accessories, such as coffee blends and coffee tampers, all at affordable prices. The user-friendly website allows you to find your espresso-related items quickly and easily, for a fast, convenient transaction. Save your money and your time by investing in an espresso machine and creating your perfect espresso shot. Instead of purchasing a single shot of costly espresso at a cafe, turn your kitchen into a coffee house and amaze your friends with your barista-style espresso making skills.

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