How to Use an UGG Care Kit

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How to Use an UGG Care Kit

UGG provides a large array of stylish and warm footwear for men, women, and children. In order to extend the life of their footwear, consumers should follow the care instructions from the manufacturer. UGG also recommends the use of the UGG care kit to maintain the high quality of their product. By learning how to properly use the care kit, consumers can delay common wear and tear, as well as delaying the purchase of a replacement pair. Consumers should note they should only use the UGG care kit with twin-faced sheepskin boots, as well as Classic, Ultra, and Ultimate collection slippers.

Sheepskin Protector

The UGG Care Kit contains the Sheepskin Protector, the Skeepskin Cleaner and Conditioner, the Sheepskin Freshener, and the UGG Brush. Before wearing UGGs, consumers should apply theSheepskin Protector. Also known as the Water & Stain Repellant, the Sheepskin Protector strengthens and protects against stains setting into the sheepskin, like chemical stains from salt and ice melt. To properly use the Sheepskin Protector, consumers should spray the protector on the outside of the boot evenly and thoroughly.

After application, consumers should sit the footwear out to dry at room temperature, keeping it away from direct sources of heat, like furnaces and radiators. To keep the shape and to assist in drying, consumers can stuff the boots with newspaper and allow to air dry for at least 24 hours, or with the use of a boot dryer. Once dry, consumers can use the UGG Brush to brush the exterior in one direction to raise the nap and protect the material's natural tracking. This extra step can greatly reduce the ability of stains to set into the sheepskin.

Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner

Made with jojoba and coconut oils, the Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner cleans UGGs footwear. Consumers should never toss their UGGs into the washer or dryer, as doing so ruins them beyond repair. To clean UGGs properly, consumers should wash by hand only, starting with wetting the footwear completely with cold water. From there, consumers should mix a small amount of the cleaning solution into a clean sponge or the UGG Brush. Using small circles, the solution should mix into the entire surface of the footwear evenly for the best cleaning. Once clean, consumers should rinse out the cleaning solution with cold, clean water.

To reshape and dry, consumers should never toss their UGG boots into the dryer or in direct heat, including sunlight, but rather stuff them with paper towels to hold their shape and leave them to dry at room temperature for at least 24 hours. Consumers may use a boot dryer as well to dry.

Sheepskin Freshener

The Sheepskin Freshener is an easy way to keep odours at bay. To use, consumers can spray the Sheepskin Freshener evenly inside the footwear, letting it dry naturally overnight. The freshener spray helps kill the bacteria that develops during use, causing the odours that commonly develop over time. Consumers should not use the freshener when cleaning and conditioning UGG footwear. Rather, consumers should use the Sheepskin Freshener as needed between cleanings.

UGG Brush

The UGG brush, with its stiff bristles and a scuff remover, is a helpful tool both with intense cleanings and day-to-day maintenance. After using the Stain & Water Repellant, consumers can use the UGG brush to restore the sheepskin's natural tracking. For cleanings, consumers should use the brush to remove any daily debris, as well as any dried surface grime before cleaning. Consumers should rinse the brush as needed between uses so as to avoid spreading dirt to other areas of the boot.

In addition, removing as much dried dirt from the footwear as possible before cleaning can greatly reduce the chance of spreading dirt on the footwear. Consumers should also use the scuff remover whenever necessary to prevent scuff marks from setting in, and can also use the brush on the inside wool layer when debris builds up in the top.

How to Buy an UGG Care Kit

For UGG care kits and replacement care pieces, consumers can save time and money when they shop on eBay. By typing "UGG care kit" into the search bar on any eBay page, consumers can find several different options to choose from. To find a reputable buyer, consumers can research the feedback on any seller's page. Top-rated sellers may also offer their buyers free shipping, providing helpful assistance in addition to their excellent customer service to their buyers. Consumers are sure to extend the life of their UGGs when they use their maintenance materials that they can find for competitive prices on eBay.

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