How to Use the Dyson DC25

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How to Use the Dyson DC25

The Dyson DC25 is a popular and impressive vacuum that uses the patented Dyson ball and cyclone technologies to create a powerful and easily manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner. The ball technology makes the Dyson light and easy to turn. The powerful cyclone technology ensures consumers have a powerful vacuum capable of handling the debris created by busy, active households, complete with pets. While the Dyson DC25 is reasonably easy to use, there are a number of important usage tips that ensure consumers get the most from their Dyson while remaining safe and maximising the life of their vacuum cleaner.

Safety Instructions

Safety is vitally important when it comes to any electronic appliance. One of the most crucial safety factors is to never plug in or use the Dyson with wet hands to reduce the risk of electrocution. Users must ensure hair is tied back and, along with fingers and loose clothing, is kept away from openings and moving parts. If the vacuum overheats, turn it off and immediately unplug it. Never hoover stairs with the hoover above the user, as this could result in a painful injury if the vacuum cleaner falls. Do not attempt to use the vacuum in below zero temperatures, as this likely causes irreparable damage.

Turning on the Dyson DC25

Turning on the Dyson DC25 is simple. Ensure the power socket is switched off. Then, unravel the Dyson cord and check to make sure the power cord is in tact. Examine the plug and check there is no obvious damage, then plug it into the power socket. Switch on the socket. Press the foot pedal then recline the handle. This allows consumers to get the vacuum into a comfortable position for use. Releasing the foot pedal also automatically retracts the stabilising bar. Press the 'on' button on the Dyson to power it up.

Removing a Blockage from the Dyson DC25

To remove a blockage from the Dyson DC25, firstly turn it off and detach from the mains socket. For safety, return the Dyson to an upright position, ensuring it does not overbalance. Next, to check for a blockage, remove the hose. Examine the hose by looking through it. If there is no blockage, users should be able to see straight through the tube and, if held up to the light, should see a circle of light at the other end. If there is a blockage in the brush bar, such as hair or debris wrapped around the bar, users must unlock the brush bar by twisting the locking dial, located on the underside of the brush bar, to the unlocked position. Then slide out the bar and remove the offending material, working it out of the bristles and away from the bar. Once the bar is clean, replace it and return the locking dial to the locked position.

Cleaning the Filters

Cleaning the filters ensures the Dyson retains maximum efficiency. Ideally, with average use, consumers should clean their filters at least once every three months. However, if the Dyson gets heavy use, the filters need cleaning more frequently. When cleaning the filters, ensure the power is turned off and the vacuum is unplugged. Only ever wash the filters in cold water, as hot water can damage the filter media. After removing the filters from the vacuum, tap them to remove debris and dirt build up. Rinse the filters under cold running water until the water running through comes out clean. Leave filters to dry for at least 24 hours and ensure they are completely dry before inserting them back into the vacuum cleaner.

Emptying the Bin

The Dyson DC25 needs emptying regularly. As users vacuum their homes, the dust, dirt, and debris travels through the Dyson into the holding bin. The debris accumulates in the bin, without compromising suction performance until the bin reaches the maximum fill level. At this point, consumers notice a considerable loss of suction power. If users continue to operate the vacuum beyond this point, it does not pick up as effectively and their is a significant increase in the risk of the device overheating. Therefore, as the dirt accumulation approaches the maximum fill level, it must be emptied. Simply depress the release button located at the top of the bin against the handle and remove the bin. Hold it over a bin bag or dustbin and depress the catch on the base of the bin. Empty the contents, snap the bottom catch closed and replace the bin on the vacuum. Be sure it attaches properly by listening for a click.

How to Buy a Dyson DC25 on eBay

You can find a Dyson DC25 on eBay in new or used condition at very competitive prices. Perform a quick search from the search bar on any eBay page to view the matching listings. Because Dysons are bulky, heavy items, remember to take delivery costs into account, although some sellers, including some of those with top-rated status, do offer free delivery. The Dyson DC25 is a powerful vacuum cleaner that is easy to use. Keep your home free of dust and debris with this durable machine and maintain the vacuum performance time and time again with a few basic usage instructions.

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