How to Use the Nikon D3200

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How to Use the Nikon D3200

For consumers who want a top quality entry level DSLR, the Nikon D3200 is an excellent option. This reasonably priced DSLR offers a range of features suited to beginners and more advanced photographers alike. It has a high quality point and shoot mode that allows consumers to relinquish the majority of control to the camera, as well as a variety of standard DSLR scene modes, including macro, micro, portrait, and action modes that offer consumers more control, providing superior imagery in specific conditions. To get the most from their camera, consumers must fully understand how to perform basic functions, from charging and installing the battery, to installing a memory card and attaching a lens.

Using the Battery

It is essential to have a fully working battery to get the best from the Nikon D3200. Generally, the camera comes with only one battery pack. However, it is advisable to purchase a second. Fully charging both battery packs ensures consumers have a spare battery and plenty of battery power, even for lengthy shoots, such as family gatherings. The battery pack for the Nikon D3200 takes just an hour and a half to charge.

Charging is a simple process. Remove the terminal cover from the back of the battery and remove the battery from the camera. Slide the battery into the dock on the charging unit and click it into place. Then plug the charging unit into a mains outlet. The indicator light to the unit flashes during charging. Once full charge is achieved, the light becomes constant. Ensure the camera is set to the "off" position then open the battery chamber cover located on the bottom of the camera, unlatching the clip and lifting upward. Insert the battery into the chamber, with the battery terminals pointing down. Push the battery down and close the battery cover. The orange latch keeps the battery firmly in place.

Attaching and Detaching a Lens

Before attaching or detaching a lens ensure the camera is turned off. From the camera body, remove the body cap, located on the front of the camera, where the lens attaches. Also remove the rear lens cap from the back of the lens. During this stage it is vitally important to ensure no dust or debris particles get into the camera body. For best results, ensure no dust gets onto the exposed rear lens. Align the mounting mark on the lens, which is a small dot, with the mounting mark on the body of the camera, then place the lens into the bayonet mount on the body of the Nikon. Users then rotate the lens anticlockwise until it clicks into the correct position. To remove a lens from the Nikon D3200, ensure the camera is turned off. Press the lens release button, located on the camera body just to the left of the lens mount. Then gently turn the lens clockwise until it comes free. Immediately replace the body cap if no new lens is used.

Using a Memory Card

Like most contemporary DSLRs, the Nikon D3200 uses SD memory cards. Being aware of how to use a memory card with the D3200 is crucial to enable budding photographers to store their images for later manipulation or enjoyment. Firstly, turn the camera off. Locate the memory card slot, hidden by a small cover. This slot is on the right hand side when the consumer holds the camera as if looking through the lens. Slide the protective cover outwards to open it and reveal the memory card slot beneath. Insert the memory card, ensuring orientation matches the arrow on the interior of the memory card cover, and push down lightly until it clicks into place. Return the cover to its original position.

Using Point and Shoot Mode

Point and shoot mode is a great option for those new to photography or to using DSLRs. In this mode, the camera has full control, adjusting the settings as necessary as it gauges optimal levels based on light conditions, environment, and the subject of the image. To select Point and Shoot mode, turn the mode dial to the picture of a camera with "auto" written above it. However, if users are taking images in a location where camera flash is not allowed, they can opt for the auto mode with flash off. Set up the shot, looking through the lens or at the viewfinder, then depress the shutter release halfway, focusing the camera. This allows the camera to select the correct focus points and to decide whether flash is necessary. Look through the viewfinder to ensure the image is suitable, listen for the beep that indicates optimal image and depress the shutter release all the way to capture the image.

How to Buy a Nikon D3200 on eBay

The Nikon D3200 is a very popular entry level DSLR and is widely available from reputable eBay sellers. You can purchase this camera from eBay new or used. The D3200 is available as a single, standalone item so you can purchase just the camera body. Alternatively, to save money, consider purchasing a Nikon D3200 bundle. Bundles are generally more expensive than purchasing the body alone, but save money because the overall cost is considerably less than purchasing each item individually. Bundles often contain the camera body, lenses, a storage bag, and a cleaning kit. Capture treasured family memories, or hone your skills as a photographer with the Nikon D3200.

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