How to Vacuum

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Introduction Maintain your carpet - and even your floors - by vacuuming regularly.

Difficulty: Easy

1Step One Inspect the area before you vacuum. Pick up objects that could cause a clog in your vacuum cleaner.

2Step Two Check the vacuum bag to make sure it isn't already full. If it is, change it.

3Step Three Vacuum forward instead of backward: you'll get the job done faster and you won't wear out your cord as quickly.

4Step Four Overlap your strokes to ensure that you get all dirt and residue.

5Step Five Change your vacuuming direction occasionally to reduce matting in your carpet.

6Step Six Use a damp cloth on corners, or use a crevice tool attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

7Step Seven Get rid of dust particles by occasionally waving a vacuum wand under your bed.

Tips & Warnings

For litter on carpets and floors, use a lightweight vacuum cleaner; for cleaning deep into the carpet, use an upright vacuum and a power brush.
Consider purchasing a vacuum with a rotating brush or combination beater/brush bar, which loosens dirt in the carpet and then sucks it up.
Vacuuming isn't just for carpets: keeping floors free of loose dirt is one of the most effective ways to maintain them.
Straw, string and thread can trap debris in the vacuum hose and cause a clog.

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