How to Vamp Up Your Camper Van

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How to Vamp Up Your Camper Van

A camper van is a great way to take a family on a road trip. Rather than spending the family's travel budget on hotels and restaurant meals, a family can travel in a camper van and put the savings towards other fun pursuits. Camper vans offer the ability for some family members to sleep and eat while the driver continues the journey or while parked at a campsite. Camper vans are also a cost-efficient way for sales teams to attend exhibitions with all their sales materials, samples, and products along for the ride. This portability keeps these important materials safe from loss or damage while in transit, and it provides a comfortable haven to relax or meet with clients.

Regardless of the intended use, there are numerous ways to enhance a camper van, from adding to exterior functionality to enhancing interior amenities and versatility. Sporting goods stores offer many improvements that are desired by camper van owners. Additionally, eBay offers an extensive variety of camper van accessories through its constantly updated listings.

Exterior Accessories

Camper vans of all sizes and styles offer the owner numerous opportunities to vamp up the vehicles. The most popular improvements are those that enhance the family's comfort and safety while on the road. Additional lighting, improved access, and protection against the elements are a few areas a camper van's owner can address when upgrading the vehicle.


LED lights are a particularly good option for the exterior of a camper van. Once the destination has been reached, the family is eager to spend some time outside the vehicle. High-quality exterior lighting enhances the outdoor dining or relaxing experience while providing safety and sufficient illumination. These lights may be installed onto the frame, or they may be clamped to appropriate locations on the exterior of the camper van. Luminescent lighting strips are a good safety option in the event that the passengers need to leave the camper van quickly when the power is out.


A ladder is a valuable accessory for the exterior of a camper van. It gives an individual rapid and safe access to the upper areas of the vehicle. Exterior ladders are available in sturdy and light materials, including anodised aluminium or chrome. The ladder should include brackets and hardware for securing it to the exterior of the camper van. Some ladders are rigid, and others are removable and foldable to be stored inside the camper van or in a storage pod.


The companion exterior accessory to exterior lighting is a sturdy canopy to protect the family from rain or excessive sun. Sun canopies and awnings range from simple canvas covers on poles to full covers that also protect individuals from rain and wind blowing toward the camper van. Many canopies also include protective carrying bags and hardware to secure the poles into the ground.

Bicycle Rack

One of the enjoyable features of taking a long road trip in a camper van is the opportunity to go for a bicycle ride at the various stops. A bike rack and protective cover is an easy and efficient way to transport bikes for one or several people on the exterior of the camper van so that space is not taken up on the inside. Many bike racks are made of lightweight aluminium, which reduces the fuel penalty exacted by additional weight on the vehicle. Brackets and mounting hardware should be included with the rack to ease installation and ensure it is securely attached to the exterior of the camper van.

Interior Accessories

Once the camper van is in top mechanical shape and has a structurally sound exterior, consumers can choose from a huge selection of interior enhancements. Because camper vans are intended for extended use, sometimes for a period of months at a time, owners enjoy improving the appearance and functionality of the interiors. Among the areas that can be upgraded are those addressing comfort, visibility, and neatness.


While newer camper vans come equipped with energy-efficient lighting, many older vehicles still retain their fluorescent or incandescent light fixtures. These fixtures and bulbs can dim and become worn over time and provide increasingly poor light. Numerous replacement lighting options are available for camper vans, including energy-efficient LED lighting. LED light sources can be found in single fixtures, lighting strips, or spotlights. Individual reading lights on flexible stalks are a great addition to the dining, sleeping, and leisure areas. They are also a good option for the cockpit passenger so as not to cause a glare hazard for the driver.


Whether one's camper van was purchased new or used, eventually the manual window winders may become cracked or damaged. Some owners prefer to upgrade the look and style of the winders, which enables them to operate the windows more efficiently. Other window hardware options include latches for windows that hinge up and down. Consumers may also find window panels to replace clouded, cracked, or yellowed windows.


Camper van owners can put many thousands of kilometres on a vehicle, often with the entire family in tow. The look and comfort of the upholstery is an important facet of the journey for the driver and passengers in the cockpit of the vehicle and also for the passengers in the main cabin. The seating and resting options include seating berths, foldout beds, and seating benches at the dining table. After a while, worn fabric not only becomes uncomfortable, but it is unsightly, as well. For the do-it-yourselfer, patterns, fabrics, and upholstery padding are available. Slip-on seat covers and entire seating configurations are also available for the less detail oriented. Consumers may want to upgrade the standard cockpit or cabin seats with replacement units that offer arm rests, head rests, lumbar support, or even massaging or heated seats.

Those who have embarked on extensive road trips can testify to the increased comfort and safety afforded by these upgrades. One of the major causes of vehicle accidents is inattention, drowsiness, and distraction from discomfort.


Camper vans are similar to boats in that every item should be tucked away when not in use. When an entire family shares a camper van, it improves everyone's mood to keep personal belongings, food items, and trash put away neatly. Simple storage accessories include map and magazine nets that can be attached to the inside door panels or bulkheads. Similar portable storage options include hanging toiletry caddies, toy organisers, and caddies for laptop computers, phones, and tablets.

Other storage options include cushioned seat and storage box combinations, locking hard-shell storage boxes that can be attached to the tops of camper vans, and aluminium alloy storage boxes to hold tools and larger items. Consumers who wish to keep the interior of their camper vans neat looking can install door bins to hold rubbish and other items.

Entertainment Systems

An extended road trip goes more quickly when entertainment options are available. The cockpit audio system may feature basic AM/FM radio with a CD player, or the consumer may opt to upgrade it with a system that accommodates MP3 players or CDs burned from home computers. Adding a satellite radio system is a great way to maintain continuous music, sports, or news without losing the terrestrial signal.

For the passengers in the cabin, a DVD player is a valuable addition to the entertainment system. It keeps young children and teens alike absorbed in movies or television programmes during long trips. Audio/video systems are also available that enable individual passengers to enjoy programmes in privacy, utilising wired or wireless headsets. This is a sanity saver for families with young children and older teens with disparate tastes in movies.

How to Buy Camper Van Accessories on eBay

After researching the camper van accessories you need, your search starts on any page on eBay. Simply enter the item names into the search box to find numerous listings. Search possibilities might include terms like çamper van bed, for example. You may filter the search further by choosing one of the various filters. You may also narrow your search by shopping with eBay top-rated sellers or with retail establishments that manage eBay Shops.

Depending on the size of the item, you can also look for sellers who are close to your home. Just enter your postcode into the search box to locate sellers that are within the radius you choose. By finding a seller who agrees to an in-person pickup, you can save considerable shipping expense. Be sure to research each seller's history thoroughly, including customer feedback and comments, selling policies, and shipping reliability.


Travelling by camper van is a budget-friendly and convenient way to go on holiday or to a business exhibition. The self-contained nature of the camper van enables the consumer to skip hotel and restaurant expenses by opting to sleep in the camper van and enjoy meals in the camper while on the road or at a camping site. Because the driver and passengers spend a lot of time inside the camper van, many owners enjoy improving its interior and exterior accessories. These improvements include bike racks, sun canopies, exterior lighting, and new windows. The interior can be enhanced with additional storage, new upholstery, and upgraded entertainment options.

eBay offers a vast assortment of camper van accessories, and the listings are continually updated. Local sporting goods stores and RV dealers also offer a selection of accessories. By researching the items that are desired, it is possible to find the ideal improvements to upgrade one's camper van.

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