How to WIN that item on Ebay

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How to WIN that item on Ebay by fundraisingtins.

How do you win more items when buying on Ebay? These are just a few tips that I have picked up over the years and I hope you find them usefull.

Never bid on an item until the dying few seconds of an auction. This is called sniping. If you bid at all before the dying seconds of the auction you are only driving up the price and showing others that you have an interest in the product.

Someone who has bid will probably be sitting in front of their computer too and thinking they have won, until you bid in the last seconds, not giving them time to respond with a counter bid. I have won many auctions with this method and I open a second browser window so that one counts down the time left and the other window I have pre-filled with my bid, ready to press the submit button at the last minute.

This isn`t fool proof but it does work most of the time, apart from maybe when someone has bid a very high starting bid but this isn`t that common. In my experience people usually bid up progressively and if you put in the highest amount you want to pay then you know you haven`t lost out as the item would have not been worth the money.

There are many programs out there that help you snipe products and if you are not going to be near a computer and desperately want that item then they can be usefull. Some charge a small one off fee others charge a percentage of the sale price. Remember they will only bid up to your specified amount and so aren`t fool proof, someone may still outbid you by 1p!

Use your mobile phone to bid. Many new mobile phones can get full internet access so why not bid on an auction on the move if you can`t be near a computer.

If there is a reserve on the item then ask the seller what it is. Some will give it away as they need the reserve to be met to sell it. If they don`t you have lost nothing but if they have then you know what to place your bid above to win.

Bid up in uneven amounts if you are bidding. Most buyers bid in whole numbers ie £1, £2 so make sure you bid in uneven amounts such as £2.07 and you will be more likely to win the auction.

Don`t let emotions into it! I have seen all sorts of products sell for ludicrous money because people loose their head and get into a bidding war with someone else. To see what an item is worth go to advanced search at the top of the page and type in your product keywords. Then tick the box completed listings. This shows you the product and what it has historically sold for on ebay so you have some idea of its worth.

Why not look for buy it now items now you know how much it is worth and see if there is a seller with this item. This way you get it quicker and sometimes even cheaper. Search for the item on  Google, just because its on Ebay doesn`t mean its a bargain, you may be able to buy it cheaper elsewhere.

If you don`t win then usually the same item will come along again unless it is a one off. You can set up your favourite searches with Ebay so that when someone lists another similar item you get an email telling you this.

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