How to Wash Your Vehicle the Right Way

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Washing your car the wrong way can cause various scratches and swirls to form in the paint. If this is repeated on a weekly / monthly basis then your car's condition is going to suffer. For a basic wash and dry, you'll need a lambswool wash mitt, a microfiber towel, some form of hose or pressure washer & 2 buckets with grit guards placed at the bottom. On top of this you'll need a good car shampoo such as Auto Glym Bodywork Shampoo or Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo.
1. Start by giving your car a full rinse with clean water. This will loosen up grit and dirt meaning that it will be easier to wash off and your mitt won't pick up as much of it. Fill one of your buckets with warm soapy water (look at manufacturer's instructions to see the measure of shampoo to include). Fill the other up with clean water.

2. Dip your mitt into the soapy water and begin to was the car from top to bottom. If you're used to using sponges, you'll definitely realise how much easier and quicker it is with a mitt. Every time you go to soak the mitt with more soapy water, dip it into the bucket of clean first, to wash off any dirt. This will reduce the chances of trapping grit in the mitt and scratching the paint with it. The reason that a sponge is not recommended is because sponges easily get dirt trapped inside them. It would be like rubbing small sharp stones all over your paintwork.

3. Once you've soaped up the whole of the car and made sure there's no dirt remaining, rinse it all down again from top to bottom. 

4. Take your towel and gently wipe everything dry in order to prevent water marks. If you have a microfibre cloth and some glass cleaner, then be sure to use it on the glass once clean and dry. 

5. The last thing left is the wheels. Use a spare wash mitt if you have one, fill another bucket full of shampoo solution and do the same process as before. Using wheel cleaners and polish after this with a microfibre cloth would be a good idea, and having a wheel brush will enable you to remove any stubborn brake dust on alloys.

That's a fairly basic guide of washing your car correctly and safely. We'll be sure to upload more thorough and detailed guides later on for processes such as waxing, claying, machine polishing etc. 

Hopefully you found this guide helpful.
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