How to Wear Boots with Jeans

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How to Wear Boots with Jeans

Now that the seasons are changing, it’s time to pull boots out of the closet, or purchase some great new ones to go with your long sleeved tops and sweaters. Boots come in so many styles, and they help keep your feet warm and protected during the winter, as well as look incredibly stylish and trendy. There’s a boot for everybody’s individual preference, and there’s a pair of jeans that goes perfectly with each type of boot.

Selecting the right boot and the jean that best compliments it is a personal choice, but can also depend on body type, personal style, weather, and existing clothing. Pair cowboy boots with jeans and an oversized shirt for a more rugged look, and match skinny jeans with knee-high boots tucked in for a stylish outfit in the colder climates. Some women may feel more comfortable with their pants over their boots, and that’s fine, too, depending on the style of boot that has been chosen. Boots are a great choice for cooler weather and they go well with so many different types of tops and jeans, that they can be dressed up or down according to occasion. Pick the boot you love and pair it with the perfect jeans for a great winter look.

Types of Boots

When it comes to boots, the sky’s the limit. There are knee-high leather boots, traditional cowboy boots, trendy ankle boots and every woman’s favourite winter boot, furry Ugg boots. Although most boots can be worn with various types of jeans, there are ways to complement the boots and the outfit with just the right pair, depending on personal style and the rest of the outfit.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are always in style, and the great thing about them is that they look really cute with a variety of different tops and jeans. Pair cowboy boots with bootcut jeans, which are special jeans made to wear with boots. They have a slight flare at the bottom so your boots can fit comfortably, and they are a great casual look. Cowboy boots can look classy or casual, depending on what type of top is worn.

If showing off cowboy boots is a priority because you have really adorable boots, then slip them over some skinny jeans and wear them over the jeans instead of underneath. This is also a cute look and probably works best on taller, slender women. Wearing them underneath bootcut jeans is a better look for petite women, because bootcut jeans tend to make the legs look longer and balance out a curvy figure better. This is a very flattering look for petite or curvy girls.

Ankle Boots/Booties

Ankle boots, also called booties, are mini boots that only go up to the ankle. These boots are very versatile and can be worn easily with either skinny jeans or bootcut jeans. They could even be worn with relaxed fit jeans. Since they don’t go up very high, it doesn’t really matter what style of jeans they are worn with. Pick the style that is most flattering, and pair some cute ankle boots with them. Ankle boots range in styles, colours, and even heel height. Some ankle boots are flat-soled with others may have a stiletto heel or a chunky, platform style or wedge heel.

Select the ankle boots that will best complement existing clothing. Ankle boots look great with jeans and a cardigan in the wintertime, and they also can be dressed up when worn over skinny jeans with a cute blouse or cami and cardigan. Ankle boots are a good alternative to thigh-high or taller boots for women with shorter legs that may not want to wear a tall boot, but still like the look of boots. To show off ankle boots, wear them with cropped jeans or roll up regular jeans for an edgy feel. For women with short legs, go for a monochromatic look: pair black booties with black jeans to create the illusion of a longer leg line.

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are very trendy right now, and they can be worn with a variety of bottoms, but if jeans are the selected pants style to be worn with knee-high boots, they must be skinny jeans that the boots can fit over. For a more elegant style or for dressing up the boots a bit, wear a dark wash or black jean with knee-high boots and a pretty top or sweater. For a more casual look, a lighter wash jean is appropriate. Though knee-high boots tend to come in neutral colours like brown and black, they can be mixed and matched with dark or light wash jeans for various effects. Coloured knee-high boots are cute, too, and can add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit.

Jegging jeans, which are a type of skinny jean that have added stretch to them, are also a good choice to wear with knee-high boots. They are also very comfortable and come in different washes. Knee-high boots can have a stacked or stiletto heel, or be flat on the bottom. Heeled boots are great for a dressier evening look, but chunky heel or flat boots are perfect for casual daytime wear.

Winter Boots

Winter boots are a general term that can encompass the fur-lined boots so many women enjoy wearing when the weather gets cold. These boots are practical and warm and keep feet at the perfect temperature. They are also cute, and come in a wide array of colours and styles. Ugg is probably the most popular brand of winter boots for women, and luckily, they can be worn comfortably with just about any type of jean. It just depends on the individual preference of the wearer. To tuck winter boots in, skinny jeans will be the easiest route to go.

Bootcut jeans would be the other good choice, because these boots are bulky and may not fit well under relaxed or slim fit jeans, but they will work perfectly under bootcut and still look great. Winter boots are a perfect addition to every woman’s casual wardrobe, because they simply slip on. They won’t look great for dressy situations, but they can’t be beat for running for coffee during the day or dropping the kids off at school on a cold morning.

Women's Boots Shoe Size

Shopping online can be tricky in that it can be difficult to determine the right size without trying on the shoe, or in this case the boots. In order to make shopping online much more simplified and help to alleviate any need for returns in the future, a sizing chart is made available. Take a look at the chart below to determine the correct size of boots needed.

Foot Length




















































When it comes to online shopping, it’s very beneficial to know the size ahead of time so that the overall shopping experience can be much better. In addition knowing the correct size can help to save from issue’s in returning purchases in the future.

Types of Jeans

There are many types of boots that look great with various types of jeans, but these are the two most common styles of jeans that look great with a variety of boots and will fit comfortably, too. Select the style of jean based on what is flattering and will go with existing boots or boots that will be purchased.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are meant to be paired with boots, hence the name of the jeans. Bootcut jeans can be worn with any of the boots on this list and look fabulous. Bootcut jeans are also flattering to most all women whether they are tall, short, curvy, or slim. Bootcut jeans flare out at the bottom and elongate the legs of shorter women, while flattering the leg line of taller women. Bootcut jeans can come in different flare sizes, too.

They also come in different rises, so a petite woman may feel more comfortable in a mid-rise, while a taller woman may feel more figure-flattered in a lower rise cut of bootcut jeans. They go great with every type of boot, unless boots are meant to be shown off.

Skinny Jeans

For women that want the world to see their boots, skinny jeans and denim jeggings are the two types of jeans that need to be purchased. Skinny jeans make sliding boots over the jean very easy, and tucking in extra material from other types of jeans can be uncomfortable and look unflattering. Skinny jeans go with all types of boots and though they are probably most flattering on taller women, with some tricks, shorter women can look fabulous in skinny jeans, too. Perhaps petite women should just stick to shorter boots, like ankle booties, and match the colour of the boot to the jean.


Jeggings are a type of skinny jean that is tight and looks similar to a legging, but it is still made of denim. Jeggings have additional stretch material in them to make them easy to slide on and comfortable to wear. However, they are tighter than a standard skinny jean, so be prepared for the fit to be a bit different.

How to Buy Fabulous Boots and Jeans on eBay

If you already have boots and need to find jeans to go with them, search jeans. From there, you can select which style of jeans you’d like to look at, such as bootcut or skinny jeans. You can also shop by size or brand of jeans. Select jeans in colours that will flatter you as well as cuts that will go great with your boots. Skinny jeans should fit tightly, but not be uncomfortable, so purchase some that have added stretch. Also, petite women should be careful about buying jeans that aren’t sized for petites. Selecting Petite in the Size Type category can narrow this down.

If you have great jeans but need amazing boots, search boots then narrow by type, style, brand, or size to find the perfect pair of boots for you. You can even search by heel height if you want a pair of taller boots with a higher heel. When you find the perfect boots, see if the seller is local so you can do a personalised pick up. Also, shop with confidence from sellers that have high feedback ratings and are considered eBay's Top-Rated Sellers. Shopping for boots and jeans on eBay is a convenient and affordable alternative to heading out a many different stores.


When the weather gets chilly, taking boots and jeans out of the closet is one of the high points of the season. Boots are very versatile, flattering, and can go with practically every type of top in the closet. They are also made in so many styles, that there is a boot for every woman that will look amazing, whether it’s a tall woman or a petite woman with curves. Finding the perfect boots and jeans on eBay is not only easy but it’s a lot of fun. Search through pages of beautiful boots until the perfect pair comes in to view, and have them shipped straight to the door.

Busy women that want to add to their winter wardrobes may not have time to go out to a bunch of stores, looking at boots and trying on jeans. Skip over the hassle of shopping retail and get all of the boots that are needed online for a much more convenient, pleasant, and hassle free shopping experience. Also, that pair of designer boots from last season may be easier to find online than in stores.

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