How to Wear Both Silver and Gold at the Same Time

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How to Wear Both Silver and Gold at the Same Time

The right jewellery can really pull an outfit together. Wearing silver and gold at the same time is one of the most controversial fashion debates of all time. Can it be done? For years, women have argued about this dilemma. The final answer is yes, with the right amount of thought and jewellery mixed together, silver and gold together can look spectacular. Mixing gold and silver pieces is a personal preference, so if the wearer is new to this, there are specific tips that help to create a polished look.

A wide variety of silver and gold jewellery can be purchased at jewellery shops, department stores, and the online auction website, eBay. Before a buyer throws on all of the silver and gold jewellery that she owns, there are some considerations that need to be evaluated. Shopping for the perfect gold or silver jewellery can be confusing. There are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing, including: shopping for silver and gold, complementing gold and silver jewellery with clothing and natural attributes, and understanding how to wear gold and silver together.

Shopping for Silver Jewellery

Before the purchaser starts mixing silver and gold jewellery, it is important to have an understanding of silver jewellery. Silver jewellery can be worn on any occasion and with any style. Comparatively speaking, silver is one of the most affordable precious metals, making it one of the most popular metals on the jewellery market. Pure silver is too soft to be made into jewellery, therefore, it must be mixed with other metals. Typically, silver jewellery is at least 92.5 per cent pure silver. Silver can easily be worn for casual wear or in a more elegant setting.

Shopping for Gold Jewellery

Similar to silver, gold is also a soft metal and must be mixed with other metals to make it strong enough to form jewellery. Most gold jewellery has a carat mark that tells the buyer what percentage of the metal is actually gold. 75 per cent gold is characterised by the 750 carat mark and 585 represents 58.5 per cent gold. The metals that are mixed with pure gold help to create the other colours of gold, such as white gold and rose gold.

Complementing Clothing and Natural Attributes

Before purchasing jewellery, the most important question to consider is: how does this look with the wearer's clothing style? This question often helps to predict how much use the jewellery receives. For example, if a gold necklace is absolutely gorgeous, but is only worn with a black formal dress for elegant occasions a buyer may want to reconsider purchasing a gold necklace that is more functional and can be worn to multiple occasions. Also, if a wearer is planning on layering necklaces, it is recommended to wear a plain shirt to ensure the necklace is the statement piece.

Important factors to consider when purchasing jewellery are skin tone, face shape, and even the wearer's current hair style. The shade of gold or silver complements the natural attributes of individuals. Gold varies from white gold all the way to yellow gold; whereas, silver can be purchased highly polished to an antique black effect. Gold is a warming tone and tends to accentuate darker skin tones; whereas, silver is cooler and more reflective, favouring pale skin. Silver is highly recommended for women with white hair because it draws out the varying highlights. Most women probably already have a preference for silver or gold. Once they have a better understanding of which metal favours their personal characteristics and style, then it is time to show how both metals can be incorporated at the same time.

Incorporating Silver and Gold Jewellery

Tips for wearing both silver and gold together include: wearing a combination piece, wearing the same style of jewellery, and exuding confidence.

For beginners who are just starting to experiment with mixing silver and gold jewellery, there are a few tips to make her feel more comfortable and look fabulous. For example, a woman whose wedding band and other rings are gold, but she wants to try out a silver necklace and earrings,, it is recommended to add a bracelet or watch that mixes both elements, silver and gold, within the same piece. The watch or bracelet helps to add uniformity while still including both metals.

One of the best tidbits of fashion advice is to mix metals, but not styles. Different styles of jewellery can be classified as delicate, chunky, fine, antique, or casual. For example, as long as the jewellery is delicate, gold and silver can be easily mixed by wearing a gold necklace and a silver bracelet while still looking fashionable and put together. On the other hand, it is not recommended to wear a gold antique delicate bracelet with a silver, modern chunky bracelet. Regardless of the type of metal being worn, it is important to make sure a woman is wearing the jewellery, and the jewellery is not wearing her. For example, if the wearer is going to wear a large necklace, then she should not wear a large bracelet and should stick to simple clothing.

Gold and silver looks absolutely perfect together, especially when paired with a solid palette of colours, such as black, brown, or grey. Big, bold jewellery should be the focal point of the outfit. A large cocktail ring is a statement piece and wearing only one, gold or silver, is generally advised. Another suggestion is to wear either silver or gold on the wrists, and then switch up the earrings and wear the opposite. It is recommended to stay away from handbags and belts that clash, wearing varying metals may look unintentional and unpolished.

Metallics are the new neutrals and help add flare to a casual everyday outfit. The days of never wearing silver and gold together, or even a piece of jewellery with silver and gold on it, are long gone. Layering silver, gold, and bronze bangles is very fashionable and allows the wearer the possibility of wearing silver or gold earrings.

How to Buy Silver and Gold Jewellery on eBay

Once the buyer is fully informed on the specifications and different characteristics of silver and gold jewellery, then it is time to purchase some. eBay provides a wide variety of silver and gold jewellery. The simplest way to search for silver and gold jewellery is by performing a keyword search. Located at the top of every eBay page, there is a search box where the buyer can begin his or her search by typing in keywords, such as "fine jewellery&". After clicking search, thousands of results appear. In order to yield fewer results, the buyer should type in more specific keywords, such as "yellow gold&".

Evaluating Sellers

The buyer can be more at ease when purchasing gold or silver jewellery, knowing that there is an option to evaluate the seller's feedback. Feedback ratings from buyers over the previous 12 months are recorded and remain on the seller's eBay history. The feedback provides future buyers with the information regarding past interactions with the seller, granting the buyer the opportunity to make informed decisions. It is essential to leave feedback for a seller after the buyer receives their items in order to inform the eBay marketplace about the experience. Previous buyers leave comments regarding both positive and negative experiences. The seller can benefit by reading his or her own feedback and adjusting their selling practices based on the criticisms provided.


Wearing both silver and gold at the same time is ultimately a personal preference. However, there are many tips that help show how to wear silver and gold at the same time while still looking fashionable. There are factors that need to be considered before purchasing silver and gold jewellery, including: understanding silver and gold, wearing silver and gold that complement clothing and natural characteristics, tips for incorporating both silver and gold into individual style, and finally, how to purchase silver and gold jewellery on eBay. Both silver and gold are alloyed with other metals in order to make them more malleable and stronger to hold the shapes of specific jewellery.

It is common for women to have a preference for either silver or gold. The preference is usually based on characteristics, such as skin tone, hair colour, and clothing styles. Fashion is ever-changing, therefore, it is common for women to wear both silver and gold together, regardless of their favourites. Tips for wearing both silver and gold together, include: wearing a combination piece, wearing the same style, and being confident. A combination piece that encompasses both silver and gold helps to pull together the separate silver and gold pieces. Wearing the same style accessories, such as delicate silver and gold chains ensure that the jewellery looks stellar. Finally, as long as the person wearing the silver and gold jewellery is confident, she looks great. Fashion trends are made by daring individuals.

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