How to Wear Coloured Jeans

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How to Wear Coloured Jeans

Coloured jeans are fashionable year round as an interesting alternative to basic denim jeans. Colours include a variety of shades of green, blue, black, red, burgundy, and even orange, but specific colours change per fashion season. Some coloured patterns are also often very fashionable, and women of all ages can wear coloured jeans to a variety of occasions including shopping, on a date, and everyday wear. Coloured jeans are usually styled as skinny jeans but can include boot-cut and straight-leg styles of jeans, although these are rare.

There are many ways that coloured jeans can be styled including for a casual look or for a more fashionable one. Coloured jeans are also usually very easy to style with different body types, making them an excellent choice for most women to wear. Many women find coloured jeans attractive but have difficulty styling them or deciding how to wear them with fashion. This guide presents ideas on how to style coloured jeans and tips on how to buy them from eBay.

Choosing Different Styles of Coloured Jeans

Different women will be flattered by different types of jeans. While coloured jeans aren’t available in every jean style, women can still choose options that are more flattering to their figure. Women should choose jean styles based on the hips, legs, and waist.

For example, women with defined hips and curves are most flattered by high-waist jeans with skinny, boot-cut or flared legs. Straight figures and those with slighter curves on the hips should go for mid- to low-rise jeans. Smaller hips are flattered by skinny jeans that accentuate the hips. However, most styles of jeans will flatter most women, meaning that it’s easy to pick and choose between styles as available. Since coloured jeans are most traditionally skinny, women with larger hips can try choosing high-waist options that will accentuate the waist.

Colours and Skin Tones

Coloured skinny jeans should also be chosen according to which colours flatter one’s body. Some women look better in lighter colours while others look better in darker ones. The first step is to decide what colour the skin tone is. Terms used to describe skin tone include gold or warm and silver or cool, and this can be tested by comparing the skin to gold or silver, or by standing in sunshine and checking the colour of the veins. Greenish veins with warm gold-tinted skin suggest a warm skin tone, while pink or blue veins suggest a cool skin tone.

Women with cool skin tones and dark eyes are usually complemented by darker colours while women with warm skin tones and dark eyes are complemented by lighter colours. However, most skin tones are different and unique, and some women look good in a full range of colours. It’s important to test colours against the skin to decide whether or not they flatter the skin.

Last but not least, women should ensure that the sizing is correct. Most coloured jeans are meant to be tight and, for some women, jeggings are the best choice.

Styles and Fashions

There are a variety of styles and fashions that can be achieved with coloured jeans. These styles range from the very casual to the very fashionable and often depend on what is worn with the jeans as well as the colour, style, and pattern of the jeans. Because it’s important to style clothing for the weather, the different styles of wearing jeans are divided into two sections, for warm and cold weather. Women can use exact outfits or modify ideas based on what they find appealing. In most cases, coloured jeans are an excellent way to dress up an outfit that might be quite basic or even boring with standard denim jeans.

Cold Weather Styles and Fashions

Cold weather, including late autumn, winter, and early spring, generally calls for cold-weather clothing, even when worn indoors. Whether this includes pairing coloured jeans with jackets, sweaters, or even scarves, is up to the wearer as long as the outfit is suitably warm. High-waist coloured jeans are usually considered to be warmer than lower styles, but can create unwanted bulk. For this reason, mid-rise jeans are excellent choices for winter wear.

Coloured Jeans and Footwear

Coloured jeans are easily paired with boots, especially since most of them are styled as skinny jeans. Coloured jeans go well with ankle, calf, and above the knee boots. Unfortunately, coloured jeans do not pair well with coloured footwear and are most flattered by black boots. However, some coloured jeans are flattered by tan or white boots. Biker and military style boots will create an edgier look, while riding boots, lace-up ankle boots, and similar styles will create a more feminine style.

Coloured Jeans and Accessories

Cold-weather accessories for coloured jeans include belts, scarves, and gloves. Women can choose to pair bright colours with contrasting colours or same-colour belts, or with studded belts for a grungier look. Depending on the style, women can choose from edgy, feminine, or contemporary accessories. Women can pair coloured scarves or hats with coloured jeans to bring outfits together, or can use patterns to add a bit more interest to the outfit.

Coloured Jeans and Tops

Finally, tops that can be worn with coloured jeans include basic T-shirts, sweaters, hooded sweaters, and other styles of clothing. Basic stylish looks include coloured skinny jeans paired with calf-length boots, a solid colour belt, sweater, and a patterned scarf. A grungier look would trade the boots for military style boots, a studded belt, and a scarf with edgier prints such as skulls.

Coloured jeans are great to pair with cardigans, jackets, and even winter coats, because they spice up an otherwise basic look. For winter, darker colours including blue, burgundy, red, dark green, and black are all excellent choices.

Warm Weather Styles and Fashions

For late spring, summer, and early autumn, warm-weather fashions are style appropriate and comfortable. Most women feel more comfortable in low-rise coloured jeans, especially skinny jeans during warmer weather, mainly because they are cooler and normally considered more fashionable. Warm weather styles for coloured skinny jeans include pairing them with simple T-shirts and tank tops, bustiers, and more. Because there are fewer clothing styles that can be worn in the summer, summer styles are all about accessories. Whether light scarves, jewellery, or shoes, women can create a variety of different looks with the accessories they choose to wear.

For example, a great spring style could be a light scarf paired with a jacket, bracelets, and a pair of boots with light-coloured skinny jeans. A more summery look includes a simple tank top or T-shirt paired with either sandals or flats, chunky bracelets, and yellow, mint, or even pink jeans. This look is very fun and can be spiced up by matching the colour of bracelets to that of the jeans. For autumn, darker-coloured jeans go well with boots, a scarf or chunky necklace, and a jacket or cardigan. Warm-weather fashions usually require basic looks, which means the coloured jeans can be easily paired with chunky jewellery and statement belts or necklaces.

Buying Coloured Jeans on eBay

If you are looking for coloured jeans, you can find a wide selection of styles, sizes, and colours on eBay. You can choose the style based on budget, brand, and colour. A search for coloured jeans on eBay should include the desired size, colour, and style. For example, you can look for ‘size 25 burgundy skinny jeans’, or ‘green jeans’.  Regarding the colour, you can choose something that is currently fashionable, or choose a colour that you find especially flattering and wear it year round.

You should consider the size and style because both designer and traditional sizes are available. If looking on international eBay stores, you should ensure that the jeans are sized according to local sizes, and, if not, compare sizes with charts in order to ensure you buy the right size. For example, American and European sizes are a great deal different than UK sizes. Even standard S-M-L sizes are often different across borders, so it’s important to check the measurements. After choosing the coloured jeans you are looking for, you can check out, wait for them to arrive, and then style them however you like.


Coloured jeans are a great alternative to standard denim jeans because they allow women to add personality to almost any outfit. Women can choose colours and styles according to their skin tone, personality, and personal taste. How coloured jeans are paired with accessories and other clothing will determine how they eventually look.

Some women are intimidated by coloured jeans because they attract more attention and can be harder to style than traditional jeans. However, as long as they fit properly and are paired with accessories and clothing that look good with one’s figure, they are flattering on most women. Great styles include dressing them up as normal jeans, except with more concern for which colours look good with other colours. Coloured jeans look good year round, despite the fact that different colours may be in fashion in different seasons, and are better used to create to casual outfits rather than business attire.

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