How to Wear Combat Boots

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How to Wear Combat Boots

The combat boots were introduced many centuries ago by the Assyrians who had an impressive professional army of foot soldiers. The first boots were made to provide a good grip and stability, even now those are still some of the basic functions of the combat boots. However throughout time, they’ve evolved and adopted some new traits along the way. They are now designed to provide warmth, comfort, strength and flexibility to the foot in the most dire conditions.

Today's combat boots are both functional and fashionable. Evolving beyond their basic purpose, the combat boots have been incorporated in may fashion subcultures like heavy metal, goth, punk, grunge, and others. The improved comfort has also made them much more appealing to women.

One might think that the combat boots have a look that is too crude for most women, but that is not the case. For many women, they are pretty fashionable and very practical for certain activities. This guide will focus on the women’s aspect of combat boots, covering the selection of the boots and their integration with other clothing.

What to Consider Before Buying Combat Boots

Women’s combat boots come in many different styles. The choices are pretty vast, but with luck a buyer will find one that suits their personality and tastes. There are however some limitations do to the nature of the combat boots, The height of the heels on combat boots varies as well depending on the occasion or style that the one is going for. The different types of heels on women’s combat boots include that of flat mid-heel,, mid-heel, and high-heeled boots. Before a purchase is made, it is beneficial to consider which style it is that seems most appealing, and what type of boot is the right fit.

Different Styles of Women’s Combat Boots

Women’s combat boots come in many different styles, which is beneficial the versatile buyer that loves a wide variety of choice to choose from. Many different combinations can be done with the height of the shaft and the fastening. This way, everyone can make a more fitting choice according to their intended use.

The height and material of the shaft plays a large role in boot flexibility. If the shaft is tall and made out of more thick and rough materials, that will greatly restrict the movement. This might not be a problem when walking on flat terrain, but walking on uneven terrain will prove challenging. The taller boots conserve warmth better, and that makes them more desirable to wear in late autumn and winter.


The flat-heeled,, or ankle combat boots can tackle virtually any terrain. They’re more flexible and they can tackle any terrain. The designs can also be easily combined with clothes and used on day-to-day basis. Another great characteristic is that this types of boots are more lightweight than the knee-high models.


The mid-heel combat boot is perfect for those nights out, or even in cold weather. When it comes to mid-heel combat boots it is all about style while keeping to the primary functions of the boot, grip and stability. Mid-Heel combat boots make the perfect addition to any night out look, as well as in the everyday work setting like the office. Depending on the style of clothing, these are perfect with many different looks out there.


When it comes to high-heeled combat boots it is all about style and sex appeal. The perfect accessory for a night on the town, also comes with a bit of a price to pay. While fashion is on the top of the list for those that love the look of high-heeled combat boots, comfort is not. It is important to establish just how long the wearer will be on their feet to know if it is worth making a comfort sacrifice for fashion. A few additional high-heeled combat boot styles include that of zipper boots which are the easiest to put on, but lace-ups have always been regarded as more fashionable and feminine. When dealing with knee-high models lacing up a single boot might take some time as one needs to loose it up all the way down in order to put it on. To avoid this problem, there are models available with laces and zippers on the side.

Choosing The Right Size

Determining the right size of boots can be challenging. This is mainly because a fresh pair of boots can be a bit more tight at start do to the crudeness of the material. The fit can also vary a bit by the type of socks a person is wearing. Boots are usually worn with thicker socks which require the boots to be half or one size bigger, so it is important to take this into consideration when purchasing boots.

Printable Fitting Patterns

When shopping over the Internet, always use fitting patterns or sizing charts. The printable fitting patterns are better as they require no knowledge of foot measurement. Just print them out, put them on the ground and find the one outlining your foot. Make sure that the line is on the outside both in length and width.

Size Chart

A sizing chart is most commonly found when shopping online. To take proper measurement, do not measure the feet themselves but rather outline them on a piece of paper and take the measurements from there. Do not doubt the results if they differ between fit as it is common for one foot to be slightly larger than the other. When comparing with the sizing chart, use the larger foot to determine the size. The following is a typical example of a sizing chart for boots. have in mind that different models might have different sizing charts.

Length of foot (cm)

UK Size

Euro Size





1 1/2






2 1/2






3 1/2






4 1/2






5 1/2






6 1/2






7 1/2






8 1/2






9 1/2






10 1/2






11 1/2






12 1/2






13 1/2





Matching Combat Boots With Clothing

There are no strict rules on how one can match clothing with combat boots.There are many ways you can incorporate them with every day's clothing, including in the office.

Corporate Wear

One may not realise it but combat boots can become part of everyday office wear. When paired together with a suit jacket,, and skirt they draw the attention away from the the suit itself, and rather to the overall bigger picture of the outfit. They also make the perfect shoe for everyday pant suits.

Leather Clothing

Combat boots are generally made out of leather, so combining them with other leather clothing is always a good idea. A leather jacket is a good choice, and leather accessories such as a leather belt can fit nicely.


Jeans also go well with boots. They can be worn both over the boots or tucked in inside. The knee-high model of combat boots are usually worn with other garments tucked inside, so skinny jeans make a better fit. Regular jeans are generally worn over the boots.


Leggings are also a classic choice as stretch fabrics are easy to fit within the boots. The combination of black latex leggings and black combat boots has reappeared in fashion trends many times.


All sorts of skirts can be worn with combat boots. The only thing that needs to be mentioned is that thin nylon socks should not be worn in the boots directly. The combat boots are a bit rough to the feet and might also rip the socks. A good idea is to wear thick socks with approximately same height and colour as the boots. That way the socks will look as a part of the boot itself.

Finding Combat Boots On eBay

Finding women’s combat boots on eBay is quite easy. The most obvious approach by simply entering the query ‘women’s combat boots&’ in the search bar works quite well. The amount of results generated by the search is pretty satisfying. There is plenty to choose from, and there should not be any concerns that the unisex models will be overlooked. Among the results, black colour and unbranded boots are predominant which is to be expected from this type of footwear.

The results can be fairly customised to fit anyones needs with the use of filters. The filters come in handy when searching for a different style and colour, especially the ones that are not that common. Choosing a range for the size of the heels is also very handy in the women’s shoes category. Another very convenient feature you can specify is the fastening as some might prefer not to deal with lace-up in tall boots and would choose to avoid it.

Women’s combat boots can also be accessed via the ‘Categories&’ menu. It does not take a lot of time to locate them and you’ll get pretty much the same results as the ones through the search bar.


When it comes to women’s combat boots there is plenty to choose from both in shoe stores and online too. The style is a matter of personal choice but the use of the boots should be taken into consideration when choosing. Boots with lower shafts are lighter and less restrictive to movement. This makes them more desirable for everyday use. The knee-high models offer better protection from the cold, but are considerably less flexible.

Selection of the right size is no easy task. It is best to always remember that with combat boots, you will more than likely wear thicker socks, so choosing a slightly larger size is preferable. It is also important to choose lower heels for uneven terrain as the height can create difficulties. Women’s combat boots can be worn with many types of clothing. Combining them with other leather clothes and accessories works well also. It is always best to wear combat boots with thicker socks instead of opting for thinner ones, as they can be more comfortable all around.


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