How to Wear Jeans with Heels

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How to Wear Jeans with Heels

Heels are typically worn to increase height and are used to make the leg appear more slender. Wearing jeans with heels can be a very appealing style for women, adding a distinctive touch to an everyday outfit. Heels can dress up many jean outfits, and can be a suitable outfit for a date and for a fun, casual day. It is important to be familiar with the different types of heels out there, and to know which types of heels work well with jeans, as well as which jeans best complement heels. There are some important dos and don’ts to keep in mind when planning to wear jeans with heels in order to ensure that the look is appealing rather than seeming to clash or appearing poorly planned.

This guide covers the various styles of jeans that work well with different types of heels. It will also cover which occasions jeans with heels are suitable for, as well as how to buy both heels and jeans.

The Jeans That Work

The length of the jean is one of the first things that should be taken into consideration, as it will drastically alter the entire ensemble. A pair of jeans should ideally fall from the bottom of the heel to no more than midway up the heel, keeping them from appearing too short while the wearer is either standing and sitting. The exception to this is when a capri style is chosen.

Capris can also work with heels as they usually run to about mid-calf with the intention of revealing a little more leg and thus adding the appearance of height. Depending on the height of the woman, capris will rest at various lengths.

Boot cut jeans are an effective look to complement heels. Boot cut jeans have a subtle flare at the bottom in order for the jeans to fit over boots.

Skinny jeans hug the legs and work really well with most types of heels, especially slimmer, less bulky heels. A heel with skinny jeans is effective in dressing up an outfit and adding height as it draws the eye from the foot up to the head. Dark-washed jeans are suitable for bright coloured heels as they allow the heel to accent the outfit.

All About Heels

There are three different heights of heels. The low heel, which is anything less than 6.4 cm, the mid heel, which is commonly between 6.3 and 8.9 cm, and the high heel. The high heel is considered to be anything above 8.9 cm.

There are a few different types of heels to be aware of, especially when wanting to mix and match them with jeans.

Low Heels

Matching the perfect fit for a low heel with jeans can be a difficult thing to do. When choosing low heels, the kitten heel is the best option for pairing with jeans. Kitten heels are a great option for the office and business casual events. Kitten heels have a slight curve in them and get slightly narrower from the base of the foot to the ground. Pairing kitten heels with jeans can bring together a comfortable and versatile outfit. Similar to extreme flares it is important to make sure that the hem of the jeans comes at least 2.5 cm off the ground when paired with low heels. Because low heels are typically on the dressier side, it is important not to wear them with frayed jeans, or jeans that have holes in them. To accentuate the dressiness of the low heel, pair it with dark blue or black jeans.

Wedge Heels

A wedge heel is a solid heel with no cut-out between the bottom front of the foot and the heel. A wedge heel can be very comfortable to wear,, as it offers support under the arch of the foot, making it a good option for outings which include a bit of walking. Wedges do not necessarily need to be a particular height, but can range from high to low heeled. Wedge heels help with strength in the ankles and help to add definition.

The downside of a wedge heel is that, if paired in overly tight jeans, they can appear large and bulky. Wedge heels are a good option for almost any height of jean, whether the wearer is looking for a shorter wider capri jean or longer to the heel look. It is important to remember that skinny jeans or skinny capris may not be the best option for the wedge heel.


Pumps are a very commonly worn type of heel. They have a covered toe and usually have a mid heel. Pumps are a good option for a variety of jeans because they are not overly bulky in appearance like wedges and come in a variety of solid colours. Skinny jeans, boot cut jeans and shorter capris are all options that work well with pumps.

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto heels are very thin, tall heels and do not have a lot of support or cushion. This makes them an attractive shoe but not the most comfortable. They work when paired with a variety of jeans that are hemmed at the correct height, as earlier stated. Stilettos are a good option for a dressier event such as an evening out, a date, or for a party, as long as comfort is not an important factor for the evening.

Jeans to Avoid with Heels

It might be best to avoid a jean with an extreme flare when matching with shorter heels as they tend to flood out the heels and make the feet look too small for the body. The same is true for baggy jeans, whether they are baggy for style reasons or because they are a size too large. If extreme flares are worn with heels, the heel is typically a high heel and the hem is 2.54 cm off the ground.

Straight jeans can take away from a woman’s curves, making the only curvature appear in her hips, and drawing attention to thighs. Without large shoes to balance this out, it can be a drawback to an outfit.

When to Wear Jeans With Heels

There are a wide variety of occasions for wearing jeans with heels. They can be worn daily, while running errands, while out with friends or out on a date. When dark washed jeans are paired with fancy heels, they can be worn for evening get-togethers or for dressier evening occasions. When worn properly, they are a suitable option for a semi-casual work environment. When worn confidently, there are few occasions where they cannot be worn.

It is important to remember that consideration should always be given to comfort and longevity of wearing heels, especially for those that are lacking arch support, like stilettos. For longer days that are spent walking or standing, stilettos may not be the best option. For days or evenings requiring more arch support, a wedge heel or short heel may be the best option.

How to Buy Jeans and Heels on eBay

Once you have decided on the perfect heels to accentuate your outfit, you can start the purchasing process. You can start from the eBay home page, from where you type in the specific type of heel that you are looking for. For example, if you have decided on kitten heels, type “kitten heels” in the search box. From here you can specify sizes and other specifications by using the product filters. Take a few moments to research individual item listings on eBay. When you click on the individual listing, you are able to see the full product description and are also able to research the seller.

eBay has a wide selection of heels available for a variety of different styles and sizes. If you already have the heels you want to wear with jeans, but find that you are looking for a specific type of jeans, you can also start the search at the eBay home page.


Heels add a distinctive touch to a casual outfit and allow the wearer to dress up casual jean outfits. Heels can also contribute to a woman’s confidence and are extremely versatile. They can be used for a variety of occasions be it for work and casual wear, during both daytime and evening. Knowing which heels to wear with which jeans can be a hard decision to make. It is therefore valuable to know about the different styles of both heels and jeans and how they can be effectively paired. With the knowledge outlined in this guide, buyers are more equipped with the tools necessary to pair a distinctive, comfortable outfit utilising both jeans and heels. When choosing heels, it is also important to consider arch support and comfort. The selection on eBay provides a viable method for purchasing both heels, whether they are low, mid or high heels as well as the desired pair of jeans. eBay has a large selection of both outfit essentials and makes it easy to purchase both.

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