How to Wear More than One Necklace at a Time

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How to Wear More than One Necklace at a Time

Almost everyone has spent far too many minutes at the jewellery box try to decide upon the right necklace to wear with a particular outfit. Why not wear them all at once? A trend which has recently resurfaced is the practice of wearing multiple necklaces at the same time. This can create everything from a very funky effect to a surprisingly refined and feminine look, if an individual knows the right techniques to leverage when wearing this trend.

Before attempting this look, those wanting to wear multiple necklaces will benefit from understanding a bit more about the trend, including tips on how to mix and match pieces, contrast different elements within the individual necklaces, and balance different necklaces in one synchronised look. Once these techniques are well in hand, individuals interested in this look may also benefit from knowing what the best retail options are for purchasing multiple necklaces in various styles, including the online website eBay.

Working with Contrast When Wearing Multiple Necklaces

A central principle when wearing more than one necklace which can foster harmony is focussing on contrasting specific elements between necklaces. This works to create balance in a look that contains several disparate elements and unifies the different items into one concise ensemble without creating a style that is too matchy-matchy.

Incorporating Contrasting Colours with Multiple Necklaces

Colours opposite each other on the colour spectrum actually complement one another. Understanding this principle can help individuals looking to contrast colours effectively with multiple necklaces. The following chart lists the various colours on the basic 12-point colour wheel and their opposite or complementary colour.


Contrasting Colour


Light Turquoise

Bright Pink


Light Pink

Light Green



Dark Blue


French Blue

Dark Orange

Those wishing to experiment with contrasting colours in a group of necklaces can work with these complementary colours or use a technique known as splitting complementary colours. This involves matching a colour on the colour wheel with the two colours to either side of that colour's opposite. For example, a French blue necklace can work well with a yellow or red one, colours which sit on either side of French blue's complementary orange. This can create very dynamic colour effects that nonetheless manage to work together as a whole.

Leveraging Contrasting Textures with Multiple Necklaces

Contrasting textures between necklaces is another way to create interesting dynamics in this look that still manage to work together. Approaching multiple necklaces in this way involves balancing sleek looks with rougher ones, or smooth materials with textured ones.

Smooth pearls, for example, can be worn with an angular metal necklace, chain necklaces can be worn with beads, and so on. Large, square rhinestones are another choice that can work well in contrast with a gold chain or set of pearls.

Working with Length and Volume When Wearing More than One Necklace

Another approach when wearing multiple necklaces is to give special consideration to the lengths and volumes associated with a look. Working with the placement along the decolletage and torso of each piece can help create a unified look and even make multiple necklaces look like one consolidated piece of jewellery.

Wearing Different Lengths with Multiple Necklaces

Individuals mixing and matching necklaces should also consider length as a factor in the equation. When creating a look, adjusting the length of certain pieces can make a group of necklaces really work together. A good way to adjust the length of necklaces is to use a necklace extender. These useful accessories transform shorter necklaces into long necklaces so that they can be placed at a more ideal location in the overall mix. They affix easily to the ends of necklaces, holding them securely in place and can add centimetres at a time to a piece.

When focussing on length with multiple necklaces, the key is not necessarily to keep everything evenly spaced. A good technique is to keep the necklaces near the neck clustered more closely together with the space between necklaces increasing the further down the torso they go. This pulls focus toward the face. Necklaces worn near the neck should not be too close-fitting, as this can create a 'baby bib' that looks clumsy and unappealing. The pieces around the neck should sit at or just below the suprasternal notch, the natural depression at the base of the throat.

Doubling, Tripling, and Quadrupling Necklaces

Necklaces with similar structure or styles can be worn closely together to look like one larger necklace. Beads work well with this technique, as do pearls. Depending on the design of the necklaces, individuals wearing this style can either drape them closely together or intertwine them to create one large statement piece. Necklace extenders can work well in this equation, helping to balance out lengths and make the necklaces look more like a solid piece.

Wearing Multiple Pendants at Once

Some may be surprised to learn that several pendants can be worn at once as well and still work. The key to wearing several pendants at the same time is to keep the chains light and let the pendants be the focus. Pendants near the neck should be smaller and more delicate, acting as subtle accents. The pendants should be generously and progressively spaced down the length of the torso, giving each piece a chance to make its own statement.

Again, necklace extenders can help individuals achieve the right length on each necklace. The space between pieces should be slightly narrower towards the neck and more widely spaced toward the waist. In general, no more than three pieces can be worn effectively at once, but this depends on the size of the pieces, and there are certainly exception to that rule.

Minimising Other Jewellery Pieces When Wearing Multiple Necklaces

Stacked necklaces are a big statement and, therefore, should not necessarily be worn with other bold pieces. Stacked bracelets, for example, are not the right choice when multiple necklaces are already in play, as they can create a look that is too busy and distracting and which drags the eye back and forth between two areas of focus.

Bracelets, in general, can be left aside for the moment, while earrings should be kept to basic studs and smaller pieces, if worn at all. A cocktail ring can work with some looks, but the piece should not drag too much focus or make the overall effect too busy. Shoes, as well, should hold back a bit and should not feature any extensive detail that would overwhelm the statement made by multiple necklaces.

Shopping for Necklaces to Wear at the Same Time

Traditional brick and mortar vendors may have an array of necklaces for individuals to consider when attempting to create a stacked necklace look. These vendors are typically limited in terms of the range of styles, textures, and colours they offer, and often are restricted by seasonal trends. Since the idea behind wearing multiple necklaces is to leverage as much variety as possible, consumers shopping for items to create this look can benefit from accessing the large catalogues available on online sites, such as eBay.

Buying Necklaces on eBay

The online website eBay is a great resource for finding several necklaces which can be worn at once. Using the site's helpful search interface, you can immediately start looking through relevant listings to compile the right necklaces for a look. Each listing has an image as well, allowing you to easily picture how a piece can incorporate into an ensemble. You will find a search bar at the top of every page on eBay's site. Use a general search term to see the wide range of necklaces available on the site or a more specific one to pull up an exact type of necklace.

Evaluating Sellers on eBay

During your purchasing process on eBay, consider taking some time to evaluate any seller with whom you are interested in working. This can help you guarantee that you find the right necklace for your purposes. Review a seller's past transactions to see the range of the seller's experience and review any feedback other customers have posted on that vendor.


Wearing more than one necklace at once is a trend that can bring bold dynamics to even the most neutral outfit and allows women to leverage their own creativity in creating these exciting looks. Everything from a classic bib of gold and rhinestones to a funky mix of metals and wood can make an individual a fashion standout when wearing multiple necklaces.

Finding the right necklaces to leverage this trend involves accessing a wide catalogue of options. While traditional vendors may have a limited stock, online sites, such as eBay, are sure to possess a wider range of selections from which to choose. Necklaces, such as pearl strands, pendants, and more, can all be found on the site in large numbers, making it a user-friendly way to find all the necklaces needed to create this type of look in one place. In short order, consumers can utilise eBay to quickly find and purchase the perfect variety of necklaces to wear at the same time.

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