How to Wear Multiple Bangles

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How to Wear Multiple Bangles

Wearing multiple bangles or stacked bracelets is a fashion trend that more and more women are choosing to leverage. With its bold dynamism, wearing multiple bangles is a great way to make even a standard ensemble of jeans and a T-shirt exude more fun and style. Of course, before attempting to wear this 'arm party' trend, it can be useful for individuals to understand some techniques for wearing several bangles at once so that they can pull off the look with aplomb. These techniques help ensure that ladies who wear this trend make a fashion statement and not a fashion blunder by creating a stacked bracelet look that works.

Once those who want to wear multiple bangles understand a few of the principles involved in the style trend, they can then benefit from knowing where and how to purchase assorted bangles. While traditional jewellery vendors may offer some options, one of the largest catalogues of options is available on the online auction site eBay.

Emphasising Contrast with Multiple Bangles

One of the central ideas in wearing multiple bangles is to create contrast for aesthetic appeal. This can be done in one of several ways, including contrasting colours, textures, shapes, and sizes. Contrast adds variety to the look and takes full advantage of the multiple pieces involved.

Wearing Contrasting Colours with Multiple Bangles

One popular way to create contrast when wearing multiple bangles is to choose vastly different colours for several bracelets. This can be done in a variety of ways. One choice is to use either white or black bangles interspersed with various coloured bangles. The white or black bangles add structure to the look and create a framework for the coloured bangles. When leveraging contrasting colours in this way, the coloured items can be any colour imaginable since the black and white pieces give the look its form.

An alternate technique is to contrast colours within a colour family. A series of blue bangles, for example, from navy blue to the lightest blue could be worn in a row. The point of contrast is to not necessarily wear the family of colours in 'order' from lightest to darkest, but rather to jump around across the colour spectrum of that colour family from bracelet to bracelet.

Pairing Clothes with Contrasting Colour Bangles

In general, when the colours of multiple bangles are the element used to make a fashion statement, the clothing choices worn should be as neutral as possible. Wearing grey, white, and black tops with a jean skirt or jeans is a good way to create a neutral clothing palette. For wearing bangles in any and every colour, an alternative is to wear a top in a colour that matches a single bracelet. This creates a subtle effect that is eye-catching without being too perfectly matched.

Wearing Contrasting Textures with Multiple Bangles

Another way to emphasise contrast with multiple bangles is to contrast the texture of each piece. Bangles can come in smooth plastic varieties, large and chunky metal pieces, or even cloth and bead options. The idea with this approach is to move back and forth between various textures. For example, a smooth plastic or resin bangle might be worn next to a large, beaded piece and then followed by a chain link bangle. The point is to mix and match as many textures as possible. Colour choices should lean towards the neutral so as to underscore the contrast in the textures of the bracelets. Wood and metal bangles are a good way to hit neutral colour notes with multiple bangles.

Pairing Clothes with Contrasting Texture Bangles

The colour choices in clothing for this look are not as important, since the colours in the bangles are neutral. Those who are looking to leverage this look might consider using the texture of a top to add yet another element of contrast to the mix. For example, a series of metallic bangles could be contrasted with a light and soft cashmere sweater, or a smooth series of plastic bangles could be worn with a heavy, boucle knit.

Wearing Contrasting Sizes with Multiple Bangles

Size can also be the focus of the contrast when wearing multiple bangles. As an example, a wide cuff might be worn next to a series of very thin bangles. Alternately, an oversized plastic bangle might be worn at the wrist with a series of thinner narrower bangles worn up the wrist to the forearm. Individuals who choose this look should keep the larger pieces to a minimum as they can overwhelm the smaller bangles and make the look appear to be just about the large pieces and not about the contrast.

Pairing Clothes with Contrasting Size Bangles

With this look, clothing choices should lean towards the tailored and not be large or overwhelming. Wearing clothes with large, voluminous proportions would take attention away from the contrast in the bracelets. If an individual wants to introduce a bit of volume, a top with a dolman sleeve can work, but then the pants should be tailored and narrow. The bangles for this style choice should do all the talking in terms of size and volume.

Wearing Multiple Bangles for Dressier Occasions or Work

Wearing multiple bangles is not a look that is especially suited to professional settings or formal occasions. However, this style choice can work quite well in those settings if the person wearing the look adheres to a few basic rules of taste and form.

Go for Classic Choices

Professional women who want to wear multiple bangles to work can select bangles in fine metals, such as gold or sterling silver. The size and texture of these pieces should be minimal, and the bangles should have refined proportions in general and stay relatively close to the wrist and forearm. Tasteful contrast could come from adding pearl bracelets in with smooth bangles or even diamond tennis bracelets with smooth pieces. Plastic and large metal pieces are not the best idea, although this can depend on the specific work environment. Generally speaking, smaller, dressier pieces that emphasise refinement and control are the best answer.

Control the Noise Factor

Clanging about at work or at a formal event can make an individual stand out for all the wrong reasons. Wearing bangles with a good, close fit helps neutralise this problem, as can adhering to narrower bangles. A sterling silver or gold cuff could work as a stabiliser to hold smaller, lighter pieces in place. A slight, shimmery sound is probably fine, but excessive clanging and jingling is not an ideal choice for work or formal occasions.

Shopping for Bangles

When shopping for bangles to wear to create a stacked look, consumers can consider shopping at traditional fine or costume jewellery vendors. These retailers offer a limited range of bangles that is typically based on seasonal trends and demands. Since the primary emphasis on wearing multiple bangles is on creating contrast and leveraging a wide variety of bangles, individuals who want to wear this trend should take advantage of the largest range of choices possible. A good retail option with a large catalogue of options is the online auction site eBay.

Buying Bangles on eBay

When you begin the shopping process on eBay, you can start in a number of ways, including clicking through the categories that are offered. However, one of the quickest routes for finding items is to use the search bar that is conveniently located on every page of the site. Select a relevant keyword term to enter into the search bar and then click enter. This takes you to a series of listings that are related to your search term. If you want to look at all of the types of bangles that are available on the site, search with a general term, such as 'bangles' or 'stacked bracelets'. If you have a particular type in mind, use a more specific term.

Evaluating the Sellers on eBay

It can really enhance your experience on eBay and help ensure that you get the exact bangles you want if you take the time to evaluate any sellers who are offering items of interest. You can do this by visiting a seller's page and reviewing his or her past auctions and feedback. This information gives you an idea of the types of products that are offered by the vendor and whether they are in line with your needs.


Wearing multiple bangles creates a fun and fresh look that a variety of individuals can wear in almost any setting, from the most casual to the formal and professional. All it takes to wear this look is some understanding of what the look is about and how to create the right amount of contrast to make it work. Multiple bangles can bring life to the most casual, day-to-day outfit or even brighten up a business setting in the most professional way when an individual makes the right colour, texture, and size choices.

Finding and purchasing multiple bangles to wear with an outfit is a matter of finding a vendor with exactly the right products. While brick-and-mortar jewellery shops may offer some choices, a much larger catalogue is available through online aggregators like eBay. On eBay, consumers can use an easy search interface to begin perusing listings in a matter of moments. By just taking a second to evaluate a seller, consumers may be able to find a wealth of bangles to wear with almost any ensemble on any occasion.

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