How to Wear a Necklace with a Collared Shirt

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How to Wear a Necklace with a Collared Shirt

No one wants to commit a fashion faux pas, and accurately determining the type of necklace to wear with a collared shirt can be quite tricky. And purchasing necklaces to accommodate every different collar type one wears quickly gets expensive. Rather than purchasing a necklace through more traditional retail and fashion outlets, a shopper may want to consider purchasing a necklace online. Some websites, such as eBay, offer a shopper wide selections of necklaces at competitive prices.

The qualities of the collared shirt one intends to wear help determine what sort of necklace should be worn with it. Generally, a collared shirt with a short neckline requires a necklace with a relatively short length. To best wear a necklace with a collared shirt, one should select the type of necklace he or she wishes to wear. One should also select a necklace length appropriate to the depth of the shirt neckline, and also match the necklace to the occasion.

Selecting Necklace Length

One should select a length of necklace based on the depth of the collar. This means, in general, that one should select a necklace as short as possible, so that the necklace is still visible. For a quick guide to the common necklace lengths, consider the chart below.

CM Size

Length Size


40 cm


Rests easily along the circumference of the neck, falling just above the hollow of the throat; is sometimes called a 'choker necklace'

45 cm


Rests under the hollow of the throat, and is often called a 'princess length' necklace

50 cm


Rests to fall even with the top of the underarm

60 cm


Rests to fall even with the centre of one's chest

76 cm


Rests to fall even with the insides of one's elbows, and is often called an 'opera length' necklace

Choker necklaces should be fitted to the individual, and are found in 40 cm lengths or shorter. If one determines that a choker necklace is appropriate for his or her needs, he or she should measure the neck using a measuring tape before purchasing this type of necklace, thereby ensuring it fits snugly.

Matching Necklace Length to a Neckline

Different types of collared shirts have different neckline depths, and can therefore accommodate different necklace lengths. In general, one wants to wear a necklace which falls to be framed by the neckline, so the shorter the neckline, the shorter the necklace should be. In most cases, necklaces worn with collared shirts should either be collar necklaces or fall in the range of small or extra small necklaces.

Select a Type of Necklace

There are many different types of necklaces; most of which are found in every conceivable length. The most common types are pendant, chain, bead, and tiered necklaces.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are necklaces which feature one or multiple pendants hanging from chains, thongs, braids, or other bands. Pendant necklaces are found in single pendant or multiple pendant varieties. In some cases, pendants are added to or removed from necklaces. For a more put-together look, one should select a pendant necklace in one single metal finish, which matches the metal finish of any other jewellery.

Single Pendant Necklaces

Small, single pendant necklaces are commonly worn beneath collared shirts. They are a classic look suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Multiple Pendant Necklaces

A multiple pendant necklace features many hanging pendants on the necklace, and it is typically longer and heavier and likely to be obscured by one's collared shirt. A multiple pendant necklace is best used a with low-neckline, uncollared shirt.

Chain Necklaces

As the name implies, chain necklaces are simple, featuring only unadorned chains. Simple chain necklaces can be of a large or small gauge, meaning some varieties are understated and small, while others are thick and chunky. While most chain necklaces are made of metals, others are fashioned of plastics, stone, or wood. There are many types of chain necklaces, which are generally identified by the different orientations of the individual links.

Foxtail Chain Necklaces

Foxtail chain necklaces are comprised of oval links which all face the same direction, connected by a very small row of flat circular rings. These chains are particularly sophisticated looking, and are appropriate for more formal occasions.

Rope Chain Necklaces

Rope chain necklaces feature many very small links which are woven tightly together, giving the necklaces a slightly twisted, ropey appearance. These necklaces are simple and understated, and are easily paired with other jewellery.

Herringbone Chain Necklaces

Herringbone chain necklaces feature two or more levels of links which are connected at an angle, giving the necklaces a repeating 'V' pattern. Though far less common than many other chain necklace types, this link arrangement gives a necklace and outfit a significant amount of additional visual interest.

Bead Necklaces

Bead necklaces are found fashioned from dozens of different materials, and they generally look more complex than chain necklaces, while also typically being smaller than pendant necklaces. In some cases, bead necklaces are found in matching necklace and bracelet sets, which is a good accessory choice for an individual wearing a necklace with a collar.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are a type of bead necklace, as holes are typically drawn through the individual pearls so that they can be strung on a string and worn. Short length pearl necklaces are a particularly popular choice for use with collared shirts.

Metal Beaded Necklaces

Metal beaded necklaces feature metal beads, which are cast or printed with designs. They may also feature lacquered colours or gems set into the beads. However, a wearer should be aware that loosely threaded metal beaded necklaces may rattle or jangle as he or she moves.

Glass Beaded Necklaces

Glass beaded necklaces are opaque or translucent, and are generally quite heavy unless manufactured to a very small size. Glass beaded necklaces are sometimes quite expensive, but are typically very lustrous.

Plastic Beaded Necklaces

Plastic beads are very common, and they among the cheapest types of beads. They are the most commonly used for the person wanting to achieve bold colours in a lightweight necklace. Most plastic beaded necklaces are quite inexpensive.

Tiered Necklaces

Tiered necklaces are either chain, bead, or pendant necklaces, but they have one key difference: they connect multiple necklace strands to a single clasp, giving the appearance of wearing multiple necklaces. Very thin tiered necklaces are an ideal option to wear beneath a collared shirt, especially if the top two buttons are left undone. The tiers of the necklace highlight the hollow of the throat and the neck, adding visual interest to draw the eyes of a viewer up toward one's face.

Matching the Necklace to the Occasion

When looking for a necklace to match with a collared shirt, it also helps to match jewellery to the occasion. As a general rule of thumb, more formal occasions warrant jewellery which is simple and understated compared to more casual occasions.

Picking a Necklace for Formal Occasions

Formal occasions typically warrant the use of fine jewellery, including precious metals or gems. It also means that one should match a necklace to the other accessories impeccably. One can match a diamond pendant necklace with a diamond tennis bracelet, or a simple chain necklace with a pair of chain fringe earrings. When picking a necklace for a formal occasion, one should select a necklace which is small, simple, and understated.

Picking a Necklace for Casual Occasions

For casual occasions, one can opt to go for more bold looks, such as necklaces in bright colours or slightly chunkier designs. When selecting a necklace colour, one should look to highlight a secondary colour used elsewhere in the ensemble. A peek of colour behind a neutral collared shirt is an easy way to layer visual interest to an outfit.

Buying a Necklace on eBay

Buying a necklace on eBay is easy even for someone with little or no experience shopping online. First, go to the eBay homepage or any of eBay's interior pages. Look for the search bar and click it. Then type in the words or phrase which describe the necklace you are interested in purchasing. Some good examples include "freshwater pearl choker" and "18 carat gold necklace". Creating a fairly general search ensures that you get the maximum number of results. When you are finished typing, press enter to see a list of those items which match your search description. You can opt to organise these results by price, brand, and metal finish.

If you find an item which looks promising, but need more information than is provided by the item's listing, you should look for the "Ask a question" link on the item's listing page. Clicking it guides you through the process of communicating directly with the item's seller.


One should never just slide any necklace on beneath a collared shirt; not only may some necklaces simply be obscured by a collar, but the wrong selection may make its wearer look dumpy. When wearing a necklace with a collared shirt, one should choose the length of the necklace based on the length of the shirt's neckline. A longer neckline accommodates a longer necklace. Formal occasions necessitate relatively plain, simple, and small necklaces, while for casual occasions, one may opt for more bright, colourful, and bold necklaces. One should also select a type of necklace to wear. Simple chains, pearl bead necklaces, or small single pendant necklaces are commonly chosen for use in formal occasions.

Whatever type of necklace one opts to use with a collared shirt, he or she may want to consider shopping online rather than more traditional fashion or jewellery retailers. Websites like eBay offer wide selections of necklaces, often at very competitive prices.

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