How to Winterise a Hot Tub

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How to Winterise a Hot Tub

Even though a hot tub is fun to use in the winter, many people choose to shut down their units until warmer weather arrives for many reasons. In those cases, winterising a hot tub is critical to make sure the water does not freeze and destroy the piping or the electronics. Fortunately, owners can easily complete the task themselves. It is important to note that winterising a hot tub should take place before cold weather sets in to ensure any extra moisture has time to evaporate before it freezes.

Drain the Water from the Hot Tub Through the Spigot

The first step is to drain the water out of the tub after powering off the unit and unplugging it. Most hot tubs include a drain spigot to allow the water to flow out. Make sure the water can flow away from the tub. If the water has nowhere to go, attach a hose to the spigot to drain the water elsewhere.

Drain the Water from the Hot Tub by Hand

For spas that do not have a spigot, place a submersible sump pump or hand-operated siphon into the lowest point of the tub and draw the water out that way. If the hot tub does not have a blower system, remove the excess pools of water at the bottom of the tub with towels or sponges.

Drain the Water from the Air Blower

Most spas also have air blowers with water in them. Power on the hot tub but make sure the heater is off. Put the cover back on the spa to stop water from spraying everywhere and run the jets for up to 30 seconds. This should blow all the excess water out of the jet pipes and into the tub. Afterwards, power off the tub and unplug it. Soak up the water from the bottom of the tub with towels or sponges.

Remove the Hot Tub Filters

After draining the blower system, take the wet filters out. This is also a good time to soak and sterilize filters in good condition in a cleaning solution. Some filters may require replacement before the next hot tub season. Check the filter compartment to make sure all the water is out. Some hot tub models hold water in these compartments. If water is present, siphon it out or soak it up.

Loosen the Hot Tub Fittings

After draining the main tub, loosen the fittings on the hot tub's plumbing system so the water can drain from the pipes. The pump housing may also contain drain plugs. Inspect every inch of the tub to find all the drain valves and pipe fittings to open them.

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