How to Write, Create and Market an eBook

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Hello and welcome to my eBay eBook Blog!

Here you will learn how to write your own eBook. You will also learn about recent policy changes that affect the selling of digital items on eBay. The information below has been taken from my Gold Bond Money Portfolio and easy-cash system, two guides dedicated to help you make money on eBay, of which I am the author and copyright owner.

An eBook is an electronic book sent as an attachment by email or provided through a link to a website. To sell an eBook, you can either purchase one with resale rights or, and this can be much more profitable, you can write your own eBook. 


This is how you do it!

Once you are ready to write your own eBook, you need to think of a topic, something that will interest other people. Your eBook can be about anything - making money, trading on eBay, buying and selling cheap property, gambling, improving your sex life, anything. Just be careful that your chosen topic does not violate the selling policy of the eBay site you are listing on.

Research your topic well - visit your library or search Google. If you can, write what you know. If you have some knowledge that might interest other people or change their lives - write it down!

It's a good idea to use other eBooks as a guide. Be careful, however, not to copy someone else's work and never sell a digital item that does not come with resale rights - you might find that your online career is cut dramatically short!

Your eBook can be as long as you like. I'd recommend at least 40 pages. Make sure that it's well written and well structured. You don't need to use any special programmes to write your eBook.
Once you've got an idea of what your eBook is going to be about, simply open up Microsoft Word, let the creative juices flow, start typing and see what happens. Use Word Art and Clip Art to spice up your eBook.

It may take days, weeks or even months until you've created an eBook that you are happy with. Once your eBook is complete, add pics or photos to it and try to make it look as nice as you can. Then you will be ready to convert it to PDF format.

In a nutshell, converting a file to PDF simply changes the look of a document and makes it more difficult for your buyers to try to amend, edit or steal it. (And some will try, believe me).

Converting a document to PDF is easy. You get your first five conversions for free by visiting the website below.

To convert your document, type 'create PDF' into the search engine, click the first link and then click 'Try it for Free' You will need to register, but this simply means providing your email address, and then you will be guided through a step by step process where you locate your Microsoft Word file on your computer, upload the file to the website, choose 'eBook' and then the file will be converted as you wait.

There would be nothing worse than spending weeks writing an eBook only to have someone buy your eBook, copyright it and then start selling it themselves.

In the worst case scenario, you could find yourself taken to court by someone who is selling your eBook!

Copyrighting an eBook is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it's pretty darn easy. The UK Copyright Service provides copyright registration. It currently costs £35 to copyright your original work for five years or £60 for 10 years.

Simply fill in the online form, enter your payment details, upload your work using the upload information page, and then your work is instantly protected. A couple of days later the registrar will write to you to confirm your copyright registration and you will receive your copyright certificates 4 - 7 days later.

The UK loses a fortune every year to intellectual property theft. Don't let someone, who can't be bothered to write his or her own eBook, steal your work - copyright your digital item.

To copyright an eBook you have written, copy and paste the URL below.

This service is available worldwide. If you live outside of the United Kingdom , you can still register your eBook with the UK Copyright Service simply by selecting your country from the drop-down menu.

Once you've written your eBook, you need to decide on a reasonable price to charge your customers.

Because the overheads of selling your digital items can be very low, often amounting to little more than the website hosting charge, you can experiment by setting different prices until you find the one that works the best.

I would recommend charging the price that you feel your eBook is worth. If you have put months of hard work into researching and compiling your eBook, and it offers your readers a genuine opportunity to enrich their lives or make money on eBay, you could charge ten, twenty, thirty or even forty pounds.

Once you consider this, you can begin to think about how much money you could make from a good eBook.  Selling eBooks can be a fantastic way to make a living and can be one of most lucrative parts I have written about in my easy-cash system. You can send your eBook by email as an attachment or upload it to a website and then send your buyers the link so that they can download it for themselves.

Sure, it might take a little work, but it could give you a  good income, depending on how serious you are about promoting your digital items. You will get the chance to do something creative and you can copyright, sell and earn money from your creation for many years to come. Until recently, possibly the best place to sell eBooks online was eBay. However, from April of 2008, eBay are banning the sale of downloadable media. They are taking this action because a minority of sellers are using eBooks to manipulate the feedback system by selling digital items for one penny or one cent..

However, it is still possible to sell your digital items on eBay simply by converting them to another format. In my easy-cash system I write about transferring a digital item to disc and selling it that way. Another method is to print your eBook and sell it as a book, manual or a booklet.

This can be done cheaply by printing your eBook yourself and then picking up some covers and binding material from your local printers. If you have confidence in your eBook, you could even take it one step further by going into self-publishing and having your eBook professionally printed and bound.

These options open up new possibilities of selling on eBay. No longer will you be restricted to listing in the Information Products categories, you can list your book or booklet in all sorts of categories, from Books to Educational.

You can also list your digital products on eBay as classified ads.

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