How to add a note to your eBay purchase

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Did you know that you can add extra notes to purchases made with PayPal, by adding a 'note to seller' in the checkout process? If you're paying by PayPal; here's how...
  • Buy the item as normal, by clicking 'Buy it now' or 'Add to cart'

    If you add the item to your eBay cart, you'll need to go there and click 'Checkout' to make your purchase.
  • You may need to log-in to proceed.
  • On the checkout page, click the 'Add message' button, below your delivery address.
  • A message form appears below this button.
    Type in your message and then click the 'Add message' button below the form.
  • Your message is saved in your order.

    If you leave this page without completing the order, your message will be lost and you'll need to re-enter it.
  • Finally, check the details of your order and click the 'Continue' button to make payment and complete your order.
That's It!
Your order is complete with your note attached.
If you want to double check the note, here's how...
  • Once your order is completed, you can click 'View order details' to double-check the details of your order.

    You can also get to the order details page from your Purchase history in My eBay.
  • The order details page shows your message at the top.
  • You can also click 'View PayPal transaction' to open the PayPal payment from your order details.
  • You'll see your note at the bottom of your PayPal transaction page, as well.
If you can't see your note in My eBay, then your seller won't have received it either. You should contact them immediately to confirm the details of your order.
'Buy it now' and 'Add to basket' buttons
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