How to apply Bridal Makeup

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Apply the foundation with a damp sponge or foundation brush.  Remember apply it over the eyelids as this will ‘hold’ the eyeshadow in place; Place concealer under the eyes, and around the nostrils.

Tip - For summer brides, the light will be overhead, creating a soft focus, allowing you to go for a warmer or more bronzed look than usual. Winter daylight is harsher, so winter brides, on the other hand, should choose a foundation that is as close to your skin tone as possible.

Use powder to take away the shine but leave a healthy sheen -- just a bit on a large powder brush, swept around your entire face


MAKEUP ARTISTS TIP: the "drop cloth" trick of depositing extra powder under the eyes to catch any eye makeup fallout

Curl the lashes and apply mascara, top and bottom.Apply two coats of waterproof mascara. Let each coat dry for a few seconds before applying the next layer. If you think you'll cry a lot, leave your lower lashes clean and you will reduce the smudging.

Tip - Use black mascara for her wedding day, even if she’s very fair and usually goes for brown - it'll show up better in the wedding photographs


Now the eyebrows. They get groomed into shape with a spoolie brush or dry mascara bursh. Any thin areas? Those are filled in with a brow pencil (taupe is best even if you are dark), using little feather-like strokes. Then brows are brushed through with the spoolie again to soften and blend. Finally, a coat of brow gel or clear mascara keeps everything in place.

Now that the eyes are done, brush away excess loose powder from under the eyes.

Brides are always asking what eye shadows will go best.  Basically because the wedding dress is usually ivory/cream or white you’re not tied down with a  colour. A popular choice is always browns and beiges, but if she has blue or grey eyes you can also try pinks, lilacs, greys and silvers, where as brown, hazel or green eyes can go for warmer colours such as purples, apricots, warm pinks and gold’s.

A soft shimmering cream or white is beautiful on the brow bone, and the inner corners of the eyes, both above and below the lashes. This wakes up the eyes and creates a beautiful highlight. To make eyes appear larger, apply a sand or taupe in the crease of the eye. Blend so that the shadow fades well. Keep the eyes looking neutral.
Tip - Use eye shadow to highlight the eye socket by blending and contouring colours to create a shadow effect. Build the colour gradually for a subtle look. Dark colour recedes areas, light bring areas forward.

For a blushing bride look that doesn't disappear and fizzle out during the ceremony, use a powder-based blusher because they will usually last longer than cream blusher. Apply a pink or soft peach powder blusher with a blusher brush on the apples of her cheeks, and then dust cheeks with powder to blend all the edges.  MAKEUP ARTISTS TIP - Before applying blusher, place two fingers next to your nose. Blusher should not be applied any closer to your nose than that. Apply to the apples of the cheeks,  smile & you’ll see where they are!  Blend, blend, blend!

If there's one thing you can bank on, it's that the bride will be doing a lot of kissing on her wedding day. This means she'll need a lip colour that will last.  I’d choose a soft lip colour. I also opt for less definition of the lip line and decide not to use a coloured lip pencil, but a clear wax liner. A pinky beige lip colour, applied with a lip brush or a hint of this colour in gloss looks perfect

Stroke lipstick onto lips with a lip-brush then cover with one-ply tissue and pat loose powder over with a brush or cotton wool ball. Apply one more coat of lipstick and blot!

A dusting of powder sets everything. The effect -- a face that's just colourful enough, but natural.

Before you’re officially finished, review the face again. Do you need more blending? More colour? When satisfied dust the entire face with the large powder brush -- for a matte finish, put a bit of powder on the brush; for a dewy finish, leave the brush bare.

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